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Krabi Sea and Tide Information 2018

Hourly tide predictions for every day of the year up to the end of 2017. Many of the activities in Krabi are based around the sea and are affected by tidal conditions. High tides and low tides in Krabi vary quite considerably at different times of the month. Use our Krabi Tidal Pattern tool to see tides for your whole visit to Krabi and work out the best times to do any tours. You simply enter start and end dates and click Submit. Then hover over the points on the graph and it will tell you the tide height at all times throughout the day.

Tidal predictions are based on historical information and there is no guarantee on 100% accuracy. Highs and Lows though are very accurate. Times and heights can vary slightly from reality due to various reasons like high or low barometric pressure and high wind conditions. In our experience, there is normally no more than about a 30 minutes variation from the predictions. The tide heights are the height above the lowest point in the current 18 year tide cycle.

If you are going on a 4 Island tour and want to see the famous sandbar that means you can walk from Island to Island Island, then you need to be there at a low tide. For kayaking at Thalane bay, a high tide means that more of the area is accessible. Kayaking at Ban Bor Thor, a mid tide means you can get through the caves into the lagoons.

Please note that Krabi speedboat operators will not take pregnant ladies or infants under 1 year old. The ride can be quite bumpy and is intended to be exhilerating. This can make it uncomfortable for Pregnant women and young babies

Just because you are pregnant though doesn't mean that you need to miss out on Krabi's Islands. You can take a longtail boat trip, in fact, we recommend private Longtail charters as this means you can pick the pace and also means if you have any discomfort, you can return early. We don't recommend any boat trips though if you are more than 4 months pregnant.

In any 24 hour period there are two high tides and two low tides. The hours of the high tide shift gradually in an undulating pattern from day to day.

The highest high tides of each month normally coincide with the full moons.

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Krabi Sea Information

Weather in Krabi

Most Krabi natives don't bother with the forecast, instead they look out of the window!

It's true, weather in Krabi and Aonang is scrambled by the mountains and the sea making it impossible to predict, it can be raining bucket loads in the center of Aonang and a short walk away can be blazing sunshine. Looking out to sea you can actually see small rainstorms moving around in seemingly random directions. It's terrible for kite flying though as the wind changes direction every few seconds!

In the dry season from November through to March, the forecasts are reasonably reliable, but in the rainy season, any forecast more than a few hours in advance is just not really worth looking at.

The best advice is just to be ready for anything, and if you do get caught in a storm, just find somewhere to shelter for a few minutes and it will likely pass over. It's quite normal to just stop a motorbike and run under cover. No-one anywhere minds if you shelter under a garage, a shop front or anywhere, you'll usually see a small group of other people sheltering and quite often end up in a chat.

To see how much rain Krabi gets at different times of year, please check our Krabi Historical Rain Chart.

Krabi Hisorical Rain chart for 8 years