The 4 Islands Vs The Hong Islands

Both sets of Islands are National Parks, they are both undeveloped and beautiful, both sets have clear water and soft sand beaches.

Which tour to take? There is no clear winner but here is some information to help you decide. 

Hong Islands and 4 Islands comparison Chart

  4 Islands Hong Islands
Snorkelling Good Good
Kayaking No Yes
Water clarity Good Good
Beach Good Good
Longtail boat travel time 15 - 20 minutes 35 - 45 minutes
Speedboat travel time 10 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Toilets Poda Island only Hong Island only
Restaurants No No
Park Fee Adult 400thb / Child 200thb Adult 300thb / Child 200thb


 Please note that all times are approximate, sea conditions and tides can make it faster or slower.



Krabi's Islands

The Hong Islands and the 4 Islands are about the same distance off the coast, they are about equally sheltered and of similar size. In most ways they are very similar, they all have mountains, they all have nice beaches and they all have clear water with lots of fish. Throughout the year, they get about an equal number of visitors and at high season, both sets of Islands do get really quite busy. Which Islands are better? We keep on going back to them time and again and we still can't make up our minds :)

 Photo Gallery of the 4 Islands (click to see more)

Poda Island

The 4 Islands

These are the Islands that are closest to the Aonang coastline. They are visible from Aonang beach and only take about 15 minutes by longtail boat or 10 minutes by speedboat.
Longtail and Speedboats have the same basic itinerary and stopping points on tours.

Chicken Island - It really does look like a chicken from some angles. The cliffs climb up to mountains straight from the beach making it a pretty awesome sight. At low tide, its connected to Tup Island and Mawr islands by a sandbar. You can get a great photo at just the moment the water rises over the sandbar that makes it look like you are walking on water. The best time to visit Chicken Island is at low tide. Most of the tours will adjust their itinerary to try and give you the best view. Obviously there are days when low tide just does not fit into the schedule, but even at high tide it's a really beautiful place. There is a nice beach with sheltered water that's good for snorkeling and seeing the hundreds of small fish.
Tup Island - This is a small but perfectly formed Island with a rocky, vegetation covered center surrounded by really beautiful beach. You can walk around the whole Island in about 20 minutes at low tide. At higher tides, its possible to snorkel around the Island.
Mawr Island - Mawr is the smallest of the three Islands that make up the Taley Whaek. There are no beaches, a few rocks can clamber about on and snorkel in the shallows.
Poda Island - Poda Island is the largest island of the group. On one side it's all rocks but along one whole length is a really nice beach. The tour boats all land at one end of the beach where there are some public toilets and a few food stalls. You can walk down the beach for about 20 minutes and even on crowded days you will usually find some beautiful spots with very few people around.
The Taley Whaek - This is the sandbar that connects Mawr, Tup and Chicken islands. Its only visible at low tide.

Other Islands
There are also a few very small rock Islands, Ko Khom, Ko Ba Ya Bon and a couple of others, they are really just rocks jutting out of the water. Some are named things like Sea Island by the tour companies. They do not have any beaches and are not possible to land at. A couple of the Islands do at certain times have good snorkeling spots around them. If water is rough it can be dangerous to snorkel too close to the cliffs. On private trips it's possible to ask the boat driver to stop at one of these rocks. They will advise on the safety of the conditions. The group trips do not visit any of the Islands although you will pass by them. Occasionally there are areas with large amounts of jellyfish which, while not dangerous, can make your skin tingle, if you are sensitive they can leave a bit of a rash. (We have never had a case of the more dangerous jellyfish stings at either the 4 islands or at the Hong Islands).
Also Part of the 4 Island tour

Phranang Beach - Pranang Beach is another beach just around the corner from Railey Beach. It has a great cave and is not developed. The group tours will stop here (some even call it an Island). The group longtail and speedboats tours we offer stop at Pranang for a swim and a snorkel.

Tours to the 4 Islands offered by us.

4 Islands by longtail boat and speedboat
4 Islands longtail boat charter to the 4 islands
4 Islands speedboat boat charter to the 4 islands
4 Island sunset BBQ

Its easy to get confused by the tours of the 4 Islands because different tour companies have different names. Some call them 5 Islands tour, 7 Island tours, I have even heard of one called 11 Islands Tour. Basically, they are the same tour though. For simplicity, we prefer to call them all 4 Island tours. (It really would have helped if the Islands had been given a better name.)



4 Island Sunset D20 1897


The Hong Islands

The Hong islands are just a little way up the coast from Aonang. By longtail boat it's about 30-40 minutes and by speedboat about 15-20 minutes.
There are about 15 Islands in the group, only three of the islands have beaches that the group tours visit. Most of the other Islands are just rock cliffs jutting out of the water and have no landing spots.

Hong Island - This is the largest of the Islands in the group. Hong actually means "room" in Thai. The "room" is a lagoon at the center of the Island that can be reached by boat through a narrow entrance.
Hong island Beach - The beach is usually the first stop on the tour. There is an artificial pier at one end of the beach where Park Fees are collected and the boats park. After walking a small distance you get to the Hong Beach, and a little further around there is a beautiful small perfectly formed Bay. Its protected by rocks that jut out into the sea creating a really nice sheltered spot with nice sand, clear water and no waves. This is a perfect place for snorkeling off the beach in the shallows. A great place for young children to learn how to snorkel. Always lots of small fish. As its not so big, it can get a bit crowded in the high season.

Hong Island Lagoon
A few minutes by boat around the Island is the entrance to Hong Island lagoon. Occasionally if the tide is too low, it's not possible to enter, but normally the tours will go into the lagoon so that you can see the sight. It's an amazing place with cliffs towering up on all sides. It's possible to take a swim in the lagoon on some days.
Pakbia Island - This is a smallish island with a beautiful beach on one side and a rocky beach on the other side. The rocky side is a great place with incredibly clear water to float around and snorkel. The other side has palms and trees next to the beach giving some shade just to lie back and enjoy, The beach itself is shallow and really nice soft sand, perfect for bathing.
Lading Island (also known as Paradise Island) - This is a small beach with a path that leads up into the island a bit. You can just imagine it would have been a perfect sheltered and almost hidden place for pirates to tie up and count their treasure.
Daeng island - Daeng Is a rock Island with some good reefs around for snorkeling off the boat. The boat anchors while you take a look. If the water is too rough to get in and out of the boat safely, they will not stop here.

Tours to the Hong Islands offered by us.

Hong Islands by Speedboat or longtail boat

Longtail Charter to the Hong Islands


Longtail - Boats are normally 40 seat longtail boats..

Tour Stops - Hong Island, Hong Island Lagoon, Daeng Island, Lading Island

Speed Boat - Boats are anything from 25 seats up to 50 seat. 

Tour Stops - Hong Island, Hong Island Lagoon, Pakbia Island, Lading Island


There is also a kayaking option with the longtail boat trip. If taking a private charter, then kayaks are available for rental at Hong Island on most days.

 Photo Gallery (click to see more)

Hong Island Beach 01

hong Island Pakbia Island arrive 2 hong beach gp fish 03


Other Information about the Hong Islands and the 4 Islands.

National Park Fees

The Islands themselves are separate National Parks. You must pay the fee to land on any of the Islands. If visiting both sets of Islands on one day, you will have to pay both National Park Fees.
National Park fees must be paid in cash on the day of the trip. The money is paid directly to the Park Rangers. Group tours, the guides will collect the money in the morning at the beginning of the trip. Private Charters you will pay the fee to the Ranger yourself and will receive a receipt. Please keep the receipt in case you need to show it at any time during your time in the Park.

Please remember to take all rubbish away with you. It is a difficult job to keep the Islands clean and the marine life healthy, so every bit of litter has to be picked up and taken to the mainland.

Please do not feed the fish. 



The truth is that both the Hong Islands and the 4 islands are beautiful and it's impossible to say one is nicer than the other. Each has its highlights like the lagoon at Hong or the Taley Whaek at the 4 islands.
Really though, just being at either group of Islands is a beautiful experience. The water is clear and the beaches are world class. On one day, the color of the water at Poda just outshines the brightest Emerald and on others, the light of the rock faces of Hong Island will blow you away. But on any trip to any of the Islands, you will have moments of sheer beauty. They really are like jewels, multifaceted so the light sparkles off them in a million different ways.

It's difficult to beat the 4 Islands trip on value, and the shorter distance to the Islands can be an advantage if you have young kids or if it's a rainy day. Then again though, the boat journey to Hong on a nice day is a real pleasure, so even here, there is no clear winner. If you have time, my advice would be to visit both sets of Islands and see for yourself, you certainly won't regret it.

All the photos on this page are our own pictures taken at the actual locations in the last year or so. No effects have been added.

More Information

Departure Point - Nopperathara Pier

The general departure point for Group trips to the Islands is Nopperathara Pier. This pier is used for all boat trips out of Aonang so it does get very busy. There will be bus loads of people going in all directions, minivans, trucks and cars dropping off and picking up and even fishermen just getting back from a nights squid fishing. There is a large parking area with a few shops selling snacks and tourist rubber rings and beach toys and soem restaurants (One of which is Krua Thara which is one of Aonang's best seafood restaurants). Then there is a block of toilets next to a waiting area. There is a security hut next to the waiting area with a barrier to stop traffic entering the port (its normally raised though). When you first arrive here, the guide will take you to a spot to wait while they get the group together, take any balance of payment and will also take payment for the National Park Fees (they have to pay this to the Rangers when arriving at the Islands). Once all the formalities are done. They will lead you across to the beach where the boats are lined up. On every day there are dozens of boats of all types and sizes, speedboats, longtails, all sorts. Then, its onto the boat and off you go.


Speedboats can get very bumpy when the sea is a bit rough. The least bumpy places are near the back of the boat. If you have a back problem or a young child, just ask the guide if you can sit further back.The backs of the boats are covered but at the front of the boat is an open area with some seating area, this gets bumpy and hot (so use some sun cream), but you get the best views and the wind in your face, and the bumps can be fun! Operators will not accept bookings from pregnant ladies or with young infant children. Each company has boats of all different sizes and will choose the boat that best matches the number of customers they have, sometimes as small as a 2 engine 25 seat and sometimes as big as 4 engine 80 seat boats on exceptionally busy days). Most days in high  it will be a 40 seat boat. In high season, you can expect the boats to be near to capacity. They never have more than the amount they are licensed to carry (this is checked by Park Rangers when they arrive.) Its bench seating mostly, so if there are a lot of ... larger customers, then it can feel a bit cramped, but its usually fine.

Longtail Boats

Longtails are a less bumpy, slower and more sedate ride (once you get used to the engine sound).  On longtails you do get a better view while travelling than on the speedboats and you feel more outdoors and immersed than in speedboats. They are quite a bit slower though. For the 4 Islands trips, its only a few minutes extra. Group longtails are mostly 40 seat boats. Each company has boats of all different sizes and will choose the boat that best matches the number of customers they have.

Private Longtails- For me, this will always be the best way to travel. This feels like real Island hopping should do. You have a boat to yourself and can move around, lean over the side and trail your hand in the water. Most of the boats are able to take up to about 12 people. Most of the boats have 4 benches under a sun cover, then an open area at the front. The driver stands at the back controlling the long shaft and propellor (hence the longtail name) On a private trip, you pull up onto the beach and can be in the water in seconds, and when you decide to leave, you just climb onto the boat and off you go. If you have a group of 6 or so, then the price is not so much more expensive.


00:00am 01:00am 02:00am 03:00am 04:00am 05:00am 06:00am 07:00am 08:00am 09:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 13:00pm 14:00pm 15:00pm 16:00pm 17:00pm 18:00pm 19:00pm 20:00pm 21:00pm 22:00pm 23:00pm
3.70 3.70 3.30 2.80 2.10 1.50 1.00 0.90 1.30 1.90 2.80 3.40 3.80 4.00 3.80 3.30 2.60 1.90 1.20 0.90 1.10 1.60 2.30 3.00

Krabi Tides 2017-04-29

Krabi Activities

krabi white water rafting 3There are many places in the world where you can rock-climb, cycle, snorkel, kayak, ride ATV's, elephants, horses or go-karts, but, and it's a big but, there is nowhere in the world where you can do these things against a backdrop quite like Krabi.

There are also many attractions that you can view on our Krabi Attractions Page.

Take advantage of the rainy season to get to see Krabi without any crowds!

Krabi Attractions

4 Island Sunset D20 1630Just about anywhere you find yourself in Krabi, you'll have a great view, but there are some simply special places that if you have the time, you really shouldn't miss.

There are also many activities that you can view on our Krabi Activities Page.

Just the feeling of being in Krabi is its main attraction. Although tourism is making its mark, with improved roads, new buildings and hotels popping up all over the place, it only takes a few minutes drive to get out into the countryside and see the outstanding beauty that the coastline and scenery has to offer. Even the drive from the airport to Aonang is along a stunning road that weaves through the mountains. You just cannot fail to be impressed. Combine this with some outstanding beaches that even in high season are uncrowded, mainland Krabi must be one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

How to Book

To book a tour or activity or private charter, just browse through all our available tours and activities.

When you find something you are interested in, just add it to you enquiry cart using the form on the tour page and once finished, click to send the enquiry, fill in the details and click send. You can add any other questions or request for transfers in the comments box.

You can check your enquiry Cart at any time by just clicking the red Shopping Cart tab on the left of the screen.

If you know what you want but can't find it, just click the green Email Us tab on the left of the screen and write in your questions.

The more information you give us, the better as it helps us to give an accurate quote.

We'll get back to you, normally the same day, with confirmation of availability and price.

If you decide to go ahead with the booking, we will send a paypal invoice for a deposit. You can make the payment using most credit and debit cards with no need to sign up for a paypal account. The Paypal system is very quick and safe.

Its easy, safe and reliable and the best way to make sure that all your time in Krabi is spent doing the things you want to do.

We know that weather and any number of other things can affect your plans, so If you decide to cancel or make any changes to your booking, you can do so up until 4pm the day before any trip and we guarantee 100% refund.


Top Ten Things to do in Krabi

This is a list of our favorite things to do in Krabi and Aonang. Many of these are the free simple things that anyone can do with no advance booking or cost.

1. Island Hopping - Maya Bay, Poda Island, Hong Island Lagoon - the stuff of dreams
2. Rent a Bike and Get Lost! - Discover Krabi for youself.
3. Visit a Temple - Tiger Cave Temple plus many more
4. Krabi Markets - Night and day markets
5. Thara Park - A view on real Thai life.
6. Go Hiking - Awesome views and jungle walks
7. Kayak - Caves and Unspoilt nature in the mangroves
8. Eat - Thai food
9. Elephant Trek - Meet the Krabi Natives
10. Adrenalin - thrills and excitement
11. Massage - Melt away all your troubles
12. Scuba Diving - Krabi has some of the finest dive sites in the world
13. Relax! - No More, No Less


Just click the Read Full article link below for more details on these and lots more.


The 4 Islands Vs The Hong Islands

Both sets of Islands are National Parks, they are both undeveloped and beautiful, both sets have clear water and soft sand beaches.

Which tour to take? There is no clear winner but here is some information to help you decide. 

Hong Islands and 4 Islands comparison Chart

  4 Islands Hong Islands
Snorkelling Good Good
Kayaking No Yes
Water clarity Good Good
Beach Good Good
Longtail boat travel time 15 - 20 minutes 35 - 45 minutes
Speedboat travel time 10 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Toilets Poda Island only Hong Island only
Restaurants No No
Park Fee Adult 400thb / Child 200thb Adult 300thb / Child 200thb


 Please note that all times are approximate, sea conditions and tides can make it faster or slower.


Bioluminescent Plankton

Bio-luminescent Plankton
Bio limuniscent plankton are present in the whole of the area of the Krabi Islands. They are small creatures that just float in the water, they cannot swim against the current so they are just washed around in the Ocean movements and tides. The faint light they produce is only visible at night on reasonably dark nights. When they are there, it is an impressive sight, just lie in the water and move around and the water around you will just glow and sparkle. It's a slightly tingly sensation.
This phenomenon occurs only when the conditions are just right and its impossible to predict whether or not you will see them.

Trips we offer where you might get to see them are the 4 Island sunset tour and the 4 Island longtail Charter with sunset on Poda Island.







Krabi National Park Fees

These prices are up to date for 2016

Island National Parks

Destination Adult Child
Phi Phi Islands  400 thb 200 thb
4 Islands (Poda, Chicken, Tup) 400 thb 200 thb
Hong Islands 300 thb 200 thb


(Child Age is 4 - 11, 3 and under are free.)


Park fees are obligatory for all passengers on any of the Island tours. It is not possible to take the tours without paying the fee.

Click the full article for all National Park entrance fees in Krabi including The Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs.


Krabi Fruit

For fruit lovers, Krabi really is paradise. There is a massive range of of fruit available in Krabi, some is seasonal and others. like water melon are all year round.

Mangosteen - one of fruits royalties, the succulent white flesh inside the hard purple shells is a real taste sensation.

Mangoes - sweet yellow ones or large green sweet and sour ones, I love mangoes!

Click the full article for many more delicious fruits!


things to do for kids

Krabi really is a paradise for kids.

Young kids are the easiest, stick them on a beach with a bucket and spade and most kids from toddlers to teenagers will amuse themselves all day leaving you plenty of chance to relax. The best beaches for kids are Aonang and Klong Muang beach. (Please remember to closely supervise kids at all times though.)

Kids love to be kept busy and there are plenty of things to do in Krabi that will do that.

Elephant Trek - really young kids can be a bit scared, but kids from about 5 years and up are sure to love a ride on an elephant, its an experience that will stay with them for life.

Rock Climbing - kids love to climb and many are born naturals who will love the safe freedom to show off their abilities. Giving kids a love of climbing can also provide them in good stead for the future and teach them to be careful but not afraid.

Muay Thai Classes - Learn the basics of Muay Thai. Its more than just learning to fight, its a part of Thai culture. Its great exercise and even in just a few hours its amazing how much kids can pick up. Just the basics of self defence can a great confidence booster for kids. There are quite a few Muay Thai schools in the Aonang area. My kids and I go (just for fitness) to a small local school a few km outside Ao Nang. The school is called the Peteak Muay Thai School, its very low key and the Master there is a nice guy and great teacher. Its a great way just to burn off a few calories and any frustrations :)

Kayaking - Kids just love kayaking, I have been going with my kids since they were toddlers and they never get tired of it. Everytime we go, we see something new, at low tide there are lots of mudskippers and birds who eat the small fish. Sometimes there are lots of monkeys sometimes there are none, but the mangroves are always a magical place full of sound, color and nature. 


Krabi Rainy Season 2016

Krabi Rainy season was a bit late arriving in 2016 with almost no rain from January right through to early May. Krabi Rainy season officially ends at the end of October, but realistically, it can rain on any day of the year, just the likelihood goes down after November.

We can now expect the normal rainy season mix of heavy rain storms and strong sun. It's amazing how quickly it changes from torrential rainfall to bright sunshine. The mountains on the coast do make rain showers very local, sometimes it can be raining heavily in one area but bright sunshine just a few hundred meters away.

If you have booked a tour and it is cancelled due to the weather then we will refund or change to a different day. Not many tours are cancelled though even when raining heavily in the morning at the pickup time, often the showers are very local and short lasting. 

Sea tours usually go ahead if its raining in Aonang as the weather is very often much clearer out at the Islands.

Longterm and even short term forecasts are not very accurate, so, its best to just be prepared for everything, have a raincoat and your suntan lotion with you at all times. Most convenience shops like 7-11 sell very cheap plastic rain coats which are idea, they pack up very small and do a great job of keeping you dry in even the heaviest shower, ok, they aren't the most fashionable items, but in a heavy rain shower you will be very happy you have one.



2016 - 2017 High Season in Krabi

High season in Krabi is from about the middle of October until the end of March with the peak time being middle of December to middle of January.

During high season, Krabi can get very busy with most of the hotels full and most of the tours and activities booked almost to capacity. Although this does mean that everywhere is busy and on many days the beaches will be relatively crowded, its usual for the weather to be great every day, so, as long as you don't mind sharing the beaches and activities, then its still a great time to come. Unfortunately, we cannot control how busy places get though.

Thailand Public Holidays 2016


Date Day Holiday
22 Feb Mon Magha Puja Day
6 Apr Wed Chakri Memorial Day
13 Apr Wed Songkran Festival
14 Apr Thu Songkran Festival
15 Apr Fri Songkran Festival
1 May Sun National Labour Day
2 May Mon National Labour Day
(Substitute Day)
5 May Thu Coronation Day
6 May Fri Additional one-off non-working public holiday
20 May Fri Visakha Bucha Day
18 Jul Mon Additional one-off non-working public holiday
19 Jul Tue Asalha Puja Day
20 Jul Wed Khao Phansa Day
12 Aug Fri Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday
23 Oct Sun Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
24 Oct Mon Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
5 Dec Mon His Majesty the King's Birthday
10 Dec Sat Constitution Day
12 Dec Mon Constitution Day

Things to do for Free in Krabi

klong muang beach people

Its easy to have a great time in Krabi without breaking the budget. Krabi's natural beauty makes it a pleasure just to be here.

All the beaches are open to the public, so just cruising the coastline on a moped and finding all the beaches is  fantastic way to spend the time.

Check out our Beaches Information page, or find them on our map.

Things to do on a rainy day in Krabi


Krabi is right in the middle of the monsoon zone so it should come as no surprise that it does get quite a bit of rain. On bad days, boat trips out to the Islands can be cancelled. But there are still lots of things that can be done on a rainy day in Krabi.

ATV and Rafting - for ATV, mud can make it even more fun, and on a white water raft run you're going to get wet anyway.

Kayak - The kayak trips are amazing even with a bit of rain. The wildlife comes out when it rains.

Cooking - take a cooking course and learn a skill that you can take back home.

Shopping - There are a few places  in Krabi Town, Vogue shopping center where they sell branded clothing, Outlet Mall where you can buy discounted brand name sports and clothing, Tesco which has its own mall selling computers, clothes, telephones etc. They are all air conditioned so not a bad place to go on a hot wet afternoon. Tesco does also have a cinema, but most films are in Thai language.

The Thai style is to just simply relax when it rains, take the time as an opportunity to sit and enjoy a coffee and watch the world go by or catch up on a bit of sleep. The rain will stop and the sun will come out, its only a matter of time.




Sporty Things to do in Krabi

There's lots of sports and activities that you can do while on holiday in Krabi. Its famous for rock climbing, kayaking and diving, but there are also some others that you might not have considered. Muay Thai, White water rafting, gokart racing are just a few.

Krabi Islands

Krabi province contains 154 Islands ranging in size from Koh Lanta right down to tiny islands that are just big enough at high tide for one person to stand. Many of the Islands have a steep karst limestone outcrop in the center.

The Phi Phi Islands are the most famous and is home to the most famous beach of all: Maya Bay. 

The Islands often have coral reefs in the shallows which make them great for snorkelling. The Krabi coast is largely covered in mangrove forest providing shelter for Krabi's abundent marine life to replenish. Due to the increase in water temperature caused by the El Nino weather events in the last year, much of the coral is bleached making large sections appear lifeless. They are actually still alive, but the bacteria that normally gives them their vibrant colours dies in the warmer temperatures. This effect is a worldwide phenomenom and a natural cycle, it should recover much of its color over the next few years.



KrabiTrek Services

Providing day tours for visitors to Krabi and Aonang is something we love to do. We are more than willing to answer any questions you might have and we will  do our best to make your time in Krabi as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please just email us and ask. We have a wealth of Information about Krabi and Aonang, but we realise that people go on holidays for many different reasons, the more information you give us about what you are looking for, the better we can help. 

We have special deals on Krabi tours and activities for larger groups of 8 or more people, please contact us for rates.
















Krabi Sightseeing Tours


Many tourists and holiday makers come to Krabi and Aonang and stay their whole time within a few meters of the beach. Krabi has so much more to offer. If you are limited in time, then the best way to get a glimpse of the inland sights of Krabi is to take a full or half day Krabi Sightseeing Tour. 

Our Krabi Sightseeing Tours give you a chance to see the best and most popular attractions in Krabi. You can choose between the Krabi Emerald Pool, the Hot Springs, Krabi Tiger Cave or Wat Tham Suea and even take an elephant ride, all as part of a full or half day tour. 








Krabi Beaches and Islands

Krabi is more than just a beach destination, but it still has some great ones. Check out our Krabi Beaches page for information on all the best beaches in Krabi and Aonang.

Phi Phi Island, Koh Jum, Poda, Koh Hong, Tup Kaek, all are beautiful Krabi Islands and whether you are looking for total solitude or a vibrant beach bar, there's somewhere in Krabi for everyone.

Food and Restaurants in Krabi

saitai khanom jean 2

The world has had a love affair with Thai food for many years now, and Krabi enjoys some of the best of it.

We've recently visited Ruan Mai, the Khanom Jean shop and the Frog and Catfish. All very enjoyable but in very different styles. Another great restuarant is Suan Kluey Mai, a lovely place by a small river, kids can even go for a cooling dip.

Check out our Krabi Restaurants page. Or, why not take a Thai cooking class and learn to make delicious Thai food yourself. Have a look at our Thai cooking courses.

Ao Namao Marine Research

On sunday 28-05-2012 I went with my family to the Marine research park. This is a real research establishment where they collect breed of local fish, breed them and release millions back into the sea.

It's free for entry and although not a spectacular place, it is very interesting and the kids love it. 

Krabi Kayaking Tours


Kayaking is very popular in Krabi, you can choose the mangroves at  Thalane Bay or  Ban bor thor , or you can kayak out at the Islands at Hong Island or Poda. You can also go kayaking on the James Bond Island Tour.

The coastal landscape of Krabi is totally unique with its wealth of wildlife and tropical scenery. A day just paddling a kayak around the mangroves is one of best activities to do in Krabi. 

The Nature at both Thalane Bay and at Bor Thor is completely unspoilt and natural. You'll get to see lots of wildlife: birds, lizards, crabs, and even some monkeys. You never know quite what you will get as it really is never the same twice.

Best conditions at the Thalane Bay and Bor Thor kayaking is a mid tide, check our tide charts to see when would be the best time for your trip. 

Then there is our our kayak and Sunset BBQ tour. Enjoy a leisurely kayak and then enjoy a seafood bbq on a deserted beach. For full details see our Kayak Sunset bbq page.

Krabi for Kids


Coming to Krabi with kids? Krabi is a paradise for kids of all ages. Kayaking, Thai dancing, Muay Thai, Rock Climbing, or just simply a day on the beach. We have kids and know that the best way to give them (and you) a great holiday is to keep them busy.

We have a great selection of activities and tours for kids in Krabi.

update - We've just added the really special, "Elephant Trek with Elephant Bath" trip. We visited this last week and it got the highest rating of "AWESOME!!!" from our kids.



Booking & Cancellation Terms

Please read these notes to discover our booking and cancellation terms. Please read the full text. If you do have any questions, please ask.

The most important detail is that any tour or trip can be cancelled up to 4:00pm the day before a trip. For any cancellation prior to this time, we guarantee full paypal refund of deposit with no charges or fees whatsoever. Any balance that has been paid in cash, we will refund in cash 100%.