Krabi Tours

With unique scenery, Island hopping, gorgeous beaches and much more, Krabi has it all! Have a relaxing holiday with some sightseeing tours of Krabi's best attractions or an active holiday trying the Activities and Things to Do on offer.

Krabitrek offer the best value with flexible booking conditions allowing you to enjoy every minute of your holiday, all up to date with 2016 prices.

We also offer Airport transfers, buses, trains, ferries. We also offer minivans and cars, with driver for private customized trips to all the attractions.

Private Longtail boats for charter

Our wide range of Krabi and Aonang tours and activities is there to help you discover it for yourself.

Check our pages all about day trips, what there is to see, where to go as well as information about restaurants, beaches, the weather and tides. Everything you need to know if you are planning a trip to Krabi whether just for a short break or for a longer stay.

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Krabi Tides 2016-05-30

Krabi Activities

krabi-white-water-rafting-3There are many places in the world where you can rock-climb, cycle, snorkel, kayak, ride ATV's, elephants, horses or go-karts, but, and it's a big but, there is nowhere in the world where you can do these things against a backdrop quite like Krabi.

There are also many attractions that you can view on our Krabi Attractions Page.

Take advantage of the rainy season to get to see Krabi without any crowds!

Krabi Attractions

4 Island Sunset D20 1630Just about anywhere you find yourself in Krabi, you'll have a great view, but there are some simply special places that if you have the time, you really shouldn't miss.

There are also many activities that you can view on our Krabi Activities Page.

Just the feeling of being in Krabi is its main attraction. Although tourism is making its mark, with improved roads, new buildings and hotels popping up all over the place, it only takes a few minutes drive to get out into the countryside and see the outstanding beauty that the coastline and scenery has to offer. Even the drive from the airport to Aonang is along a stunning road that weaves through the mountains. You just cannot fail to be impressed. Combine this with some outstanding beaches that even in high season are uncrowded, mainland Krabi must be one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

The 4 Islands Vs The Hong Islands

Both sets of Islands are National Parks, they are both undeveloped and beautiful, both sets have clear water and soft sand beaches.

Which tour to take? There is no clear winner but here is some information to help you decide. 

Hong Islands and 4 Islands comparison Chart

  4 Islands Hong Islands
Snorkelling Good Good
Kayaking No Yes
Water clarity Good Good
Beach Good Good
Longtail boat travel time 15 - 20 minutes 35 - 45 minutes
Speedboat travel time 10 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Toilets Poda Island only Hong Island only
Restaurants No No
Park Fee Adult 400thb / Child 200thb Adult 300thb / Child 200thb


 Please note that all times are approximate, sea conditions and tides can make it faster or slower.


Bioluminescent Plankton

Bio-luminescent Plankton
Bio limuniscent plankton are present in the whole of the area of the Krabi Islands. They are small creatures that just float in the water, they cannot swim against the current so they are just washed around in the Ocean movements and tides. The faint light they produce is only visible at night on reasonably dark nights. When they are there, it is an impressive sight, just lie in the water and move around and the water around you will just glow and sparkle. It's a slightly tingly sensation.
This phenomenon occurs only when the conditions are just right and its impossible to predict whether or not you will see them.

Trips we offer where you might get to see them are the 4 Island sunset tour and the 4 Island longtail Charter with sunset on Poda Island.







Krabi National Park Fees

These prices are up to date for the 2015-2016 High Season

Island National Parks

Phi Phi Islands - 400thb per adult / 200 thb per child (4-11)

4 Islands - 400thb per adult / 200 thb per child (4-11)

Hong Islands - 300thb per adult / 15 0thb per child (4-11)

Park fees are obligatory for all passengers on any of the Island tours. It is not possible to take the tours without paying the fee.

Click the full article for all National Park entrance fees in Krabi


Krabi Fruit

For fruit lovers, Krabi really is paradise. There is a massive range of of fruit available in Krabi, some is seasonal and others. like water melon are all year round.

Mangosteen - one of fruits royalties, the succulent white flesh inside the hard purple shells is a real taste sensation.

Mangoes - sweet yellow ones or large green sweet and sour ones, I love mangoes!

Click the full article for many more delicious fruits!


Krabi Rainy Season 2016

Krabi Rainy season was a bit late arriving in 2016 with almost no rain from January right through to early May. Krabi Rainy season officially ends at the end of October, but realistically, it can rain on any day of the year, just the likelihood goes down after November.

We can now expect the normal rainy season mix of heavy rain storms and strong sun. It's amazing how quickly it changes from torrential rainfall to bright sunshine. The mountains on the coast do make rain showers very local, sometimes it can be raining heavily in one area but bright sunshine just a few hundred meters away.

If you have booked a tour and it is cancelled due to the weather then we will refund or change to a different day. Not many tours are cancelled though even when raining heavily in the morning at the pickup time, often the showers are very local and short lasting. 

Sea tours usually go ahead if its raining in Aonang as the weather is very often much clearer out at the Islands.

Longterm and even short term forecasts are not very accurate, so, its best to just be prepared for everything, have a raincoat and your suntan lotion with you at all times. Most convenience shops like 7-11 sell very cheap plastic rain coats which are idea, they pack up very small and do a great job of keeping you dry in even the heaviest shower, ok, they aren't the most fashionable items, but in a heavy rain shower you will be very happy you have one.



2015 - 2016 High Season in Krabi

High season in Krabi is from about the middle of October until the end of March with the real peak time being middle of December to middle of January.

During high season, Krabi can get very busy with most of the hotels full and most of the tours and activities booked almost to capacity. Although this does mean that everywhere is busy and on many days the beaches will be relatively crowded, its usual for the weather to be great every day, so, as long as you don't mind sharing the beaches and activities, then its still a great time to come. Unfortunately, we cannot control how busy places get though.

Thailand Public Holidays 2016


Date Day Holiday
22 Feb Mon Magha Puja Day
6 Apr Wed Chakri Memorial Day
13 Apr Wed Songkran Festival
14 Apr Thu Songkran Festival
15 Apr Fri Songkran Festival
1 May Sun National Labour Day
2 May Mon National Labour Day
(Substitute Day)
5 May Thu Coronation Day
6 May Fri Additional one-off non-working public holiday
20 May Fri Visakha Bucha Day
18 Jul Mon Additional one-off non-working public holiday
19 Jul Tue Asalha Puja Day
20 Jul Wed Khao Phansa Day
12 Aug Fri Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday
23 Oct Sun Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
24 Oct Mon Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
5 Dec Mon His Majesty the King's Birthday
10 Dec Sat Constitution Day
12 Dec Mon Constitution Day

Food and Restaurants in Krabi

saitai khanom jean 2

The world has had a love affair with Thai food for many years now, and Krabi enjoys some of the best of it.

We've recently visited Ruan Mai, the Khanom Jean shop and the Frog and Catfish. All very enjoyable but in very different styles.

Check out our Krabi Restaurants page. Or, why not take a Thai cooking class and learn to make delicious Thai food yourself. Have a look at our Thai cooking courses.






Top Ten Things to do in Krabi

This is a list of our favorite things to do in Krabi and Aonang. Many of these are the free simple things that anyone can do with no advance booking or cost.

Some people prefer organized group trips, some prefer to be more private, and budgets can be big or small. It doesn't really matter in Krabi though, whatever your budget or taste you are sure to find something that will make your trip really memorable.

You might not be able to jet ski in Krabi or get a ride on a banana boat, but there are all sorts of things to do in Krabi. What makes Krabi and Ao Nang really special is the countryside around it. It really does only take a few minutes to get out of the touristy town areas into the gorgeous mountain dominated countryside around it. Rent a bike, a car or catch a samlaew (what goes for public buses in this area) and soon you'll be confronted with endless beautiful scenery.Kids love Krabi, clean air, beautful wildlife and, of course, amazing beaches make it a real paradise for kids. If you are looking for nightlife, then perhaps there are better places, but for everyone lookingto see Thailand at its best, then Krabi really is difficult to beat.

A fewof the activities are not for younger kids but most things are, if you have any questions, just ask.
All these things to do can be done on any day of the year. Some can even be more enjoyable in the rainy season you just have to be prepared and flexible.

Island Hopping, Exploring, Temples, markets and restaurants are all on our top ten list of things to do in Krabi.

At Krabitrek we try to inspect all the tours and attractions regularly to ensure that our descriptions are up to date and accurate. We use reliable operators and listen to any feedback and just try to offer the sort of service we would want if we were visiting.

Just click the links below for more details on these and more.


Krabi for Kids


Coming to Krabi with kids? Krabi is a paradise for kids of all ages. Kayaking, Thai dancing, Muay Thai, Rock Climbing, or just simply a day on the beach. We have kids and know that the best way to give them (and you) a great holiday is to keep them busy.

We have a great selection of activities and tours for kids in Krabi.

update - We've just added the really special, "Elephant Trek with Elephant Bath" trip. We visited this last week and it got the highest rating of "AWESOME!!!" from our kids.



Booking & Cancellation Terms

Please read these notes to discover our booking and cancellation terms. Please read the full text. If you do have any questions, please ask.

The most important detail is that any tour or trip can be cancelled up to 4:00pm the day before a trip. For any cancellation prior to this time, we guarantee full paypal refund of deposit with no charges or fees whatsoever. Any balance that has been paid in cash, we will refund in cash 100%.

Latest News

Rainy Season is here! The 2016 monsoon has finally arrived, there will be rain and there will be sun, most tours will still go ahead but be prepared and bring an umbrella and the sun tan cream!

Click here for more information about the 2016 rainy season in Krabi