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With some of the world's best Islands and beaches and unique scenery; Krabi has it all! Have a relaxing holiday with some sightseeing tours of Krabi's many attractions or an active holiday trying the Activities and Things to Do on offer.

Our wide range of Krabi and Aonang tours and activities is there to help you discover it for yourself.

We offer Airport transfers, buses, trains, ferries, boat charters, taxis and now even helicopter transfers & trips. We are happy to help you get more out of your holiday in Krabi.

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Krabi Activities

krabi-white-water-rafting-3There are many places in the world where you can rock-climb, cycle, snorkel, kayak, ride ATV's, elephants, horses or go-karts, but, and it's a big but, there is nowhere in the world where you can do these things against a backdrop quite like Krabi.

There are also many attractions that you can view on our Krabi Attractions Page.

Krabi Attractions

4 Island Sunset D20 1630Just about anywhere you find yourself in Krabi, you'll have a great view, but there are a few simply special places that if you have the time, you really shouldn't miss.

There are also many activities that you can view on our Krabi Activities Page.

The historians claim that the Krabi area is the area with signs of the earliest human habitation in Asia, and its not difficult to see why. You can imagine cave men and women from all over Asia setting off in search of a place where they can survive. They arrived in Krabi and stopped.

Protests in Bangkok

Update 04-03-2014

All still running as normal in Krabi, you can bring your family here without any worries at all. Even Bangkok seems to be calming down now with most of the protesters moving to a single site in Lumpini Park. The situation is not over, but at least you should be able to get around Bangkok a bit quicker.

Update 23-02-2014

Just heard the sad news about attacks happening at protest in the North. Although this is worrying we can reassure anyone that despite world news talking of "tension across the country", the reality in Krabi is that there is no noticeable tension whatsoever . Everything is going along completely as normal and is still relatively busy considering the time of year. All tours and activities are completely unaffected. If travelling through Bangkok, just be sure to avoid all protest sights and follow your country's travel advice.

Update 18-02-2014

All still normal in Krabi and Aonang. The news of more violence in Bangkok though is disturbing so make sure you avoid all prtest areas as noone knows what is going to happen next. We can reassure you though that life in Krabi is totally peaceful and being 1000km from any trouble will ensure that it stays that way :)

Update 03-02-2014

Everything is still running normally. The elections have gone been started but by no means completed. Krabi Province had no elections and as far as we know there was no trouble. All tours and activities are running as normal and other than a few more Thai flags than normal, you will not notice any sign of any trouble.

Rainy Season

Rainy Season could be coming at any time soon. After the middle of March all the way through to November, its quite normal to get some rain showers. It tends to be heavy but fast moving and short lasting. 

Rainy Season in Krabi is great though. As long as you are prepared and a little bit flexible with your planning, you can get to enjoy everything looking fresh and clean with far less other tourists around.

Thailand Public Holidays 2014




January 01

New Years Day

February 14

Makha Bucha Day

April 07

Chakri Day

April 13

Songkran Festival

April 14

Songkran Festival

April 15

Songkran Festival

April 16

Songkran Festival

May 01

Labour Day

May 05

Cornation Day

May 13

Visakha Bucha Day

Krabi Weather Blog

4 Island Sunset D20 1796


Rain, at last. The first serious rain of 2014 should cool things down and green it up a bit. There are some more afternoon showers possible for the next few days but it should be fine for the tours as the rain tends to arrive early evening. If any trip is rain because of the rain remember you can get full refund or change to another day.


Still wonderful dry sunny weather. Has been a bit windy over the last few days but nothing that would affect any trips, just keeps everything a little cooler. 

With less rain, the White water rafting, on some days can only do the 5km course and not the full 9km. But its still good fun.


There has been no rain yet in 2014 so everything is a bit dry. Temperatures are creeping up to the traditional high point in April. Planning things to do can go ahead without wondering about whether its going to be sunny :)


Food and Restaurants in Krabi

saitai khanom jean 2

The world has had a love affair with Thai food for many years now, and Krabi enjoys some of the best of it.

We've recently visited Ruan Mai, the Khanom Jean shop and the Frog and Catfish. All very enjoyable but in very different styles.

Check out our Krabi Restaurants page. Or, why not take a Thai cooking class and learn to make delicious Thai food yourself. Have a look at our Thai cooking courses.

Top Ten Things to do in Krabi

Ok, so you can't jet ski in Krabi or get a ride on a banana boat, so what can you do in Krabi? This is a list of our favorite things. There are a couple that do cost money, but many are free. A few are not suitable for younger kids but most things are, if you have any questions, just ask. 

All these things to do can be done on any day of the year. Some can be more enjoyable in the rainy season you just have to be prepared and flexible.

Krabi for Kids


Coming to Krabi with kids? Krabi is a paradise for kids of all ages. Kayaking, Thai dancing, Muay Thai, Rock Climbing, or just simply a day on the beach. We have kids and know that the best way to give them (and you) a great holiday is to keep them busy.

We have a great selection of activities and tours for kids in Krabi.

Booking & Cancellation Terms

Please read these notes to dicover our booking and cancellation terms. Please read the full text. If you do have any questions, please ask.

The most important detail is that any tour or trip can be cancelled up to 4:00pm the day before a trip. For any cancellation prior to this time, we guarantee full refund with no charges or fees whatsoever.