Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking Process

Please ask us any questions by email, then once you have decided to make a booking, to confirm the booking, we will send a paypal invoice for a deposit. We do need to take a deposit to confirm a booking. The amount of the deposit is normally 1000thb although for big bookings we may need to take a higher deposit. We will inform you of the amount and check it is ok with you before sending the invoice.

You do not need a paypal account to make the payment and can use any major credit card. We pay all the paypal charges so you just pay the amount on the invoice converted to your local currency by paypal. At the point of payment you can check what the converted amount will be in your currency.

As soon as we receive the payment, we will send a booking confirmation showing the deposit paid and the balance to be paid. Plese print all pages and bring them with you. The balance can then be paid to the guide or taxi driver when you arrive. We have an agreement with all the tour companies and taxi drivers to pass the money on to us at regular intervals. The guide or driver receiving the money will know how much they are collecting for us and will be happy to sign your booking confirmation as proof of receipt. 

Attached to the booking confirmation is a second page with a slip for each tour/transfer you have booked. Please print this and separate the slips along the dotted lines and hand the appropriate slip to the guide / taxi driver. A contact number is on every slip and the booking confirmation, so if you have any problem or question, you can call us or you can ask the guide/driver to call.

Pickup Times

One of the things that gave Thailand its name 'The Land of Smiles' is the fact that people don't really get too bothered about time. The operators who do hotel pick-ups do their best but on some days they have many hotels to go to and, not everyone is always quite ready, so please be patient. If an operator is 30 minutes late or more, please feel free to call us and we will check where they are.

Cancellation Policy

Full 100% refund including deposit for any trip cancelled by 4:00pm the day before a tour or trip. We will refund any deposit by paypal and any balance that is due in cash.  You can cancel by email or by telephone, you will find telephone numbers on your booking confirmation. We do request though that if you do need to cancel, you do so at the earliest possible time. (If you would like a cash refund for any part of a deposit paid by paypal, then there is a paypal charge of 5% withdrawal fee.)

We do always try to be as fair as we possibly can as we understand that things do not always go to plan. If we do not receive your cancellation in time then we will do our best to cancel and if we are not charged by the operator, then we will refund but we can make no guarantees for any cancellation received after 4:00pm the day before a trip.

Bad Weather Cancellations

Rainy season in Krabi is unpredictable, at any time on just about any day, it can rain. Sometimes this rain will last for minutes and sometimes for hours. The weather also tends to be different on shore and off shore.

In our experience, weather forecasts are wrong about half the time. For this reason, we do not attempt to guess and cancel trips on the behalf of customers if the forecast is not good.

Different Activities have different Policies regarding the weather. However, if an operator thinks a tour or activity would be in any way dangerous, they will be cancelled. They have final decision over this.

Boat Trip Cancellations

The boat operators do their best to ensure that customers get the trips that they book, but they cannot be responsible for the weather. Their policy is to cancel a trip if conditions would make the trip in any way dangerous. They will not cancel the trip because it is raining as on 4 days out of 5, although it may be raining when they pick up their customers, it will be fine when they arrive at the destination.

The boat operators all work on the same principle, so, on any day either all operators will go ahead or all will cancel. Private charters work on the same basis although it may be possible for short journeys to Railay for example when longer boat journeys are cancelled.

If we or the boat operator cancel a tour for any reason, we guarantee to give a full refund or reschedule if there is availability.

Customer Cancellations

If you cancel a trip due to delayed flights, illness or for any reason.

Boat Trips

We are an agent for the boat companies and are required to follow their cancellation rules which say that tours can be cancelled up until 4:00pm the day before a trip. This then gives the operator enough time to plan the following days trip. Cancellations prior to 4:00pm will receive a full refund. Cancellations after 4:00pm will not always get a refund but we will try our best to rearrange for you  an alternative activity or trip. We want our customers to have the best time, so within reason, we will do whatever we can to make that happen. Just try to contact us as early as possible.

Land Based Trips

Rain will not cause trips to be cancelled. All trips will go ahead unless the weather is very severe. If the forecast suggests that there will be wet weather the day before you have a trip booked, you can contact us and cancel or reschedule. As long as we receive the cancellation by 4:00pm the day before the trip, then we will refund. We will always do whatever we can to accommodate. If you do decide to cancel on the morning of a trip but the operator is still running the trip, then we cannot guarantee a refund. If you do need to cancel due to an emergency, please try to do so by 07:00am for the best chance that we will be able to reschedule.

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