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Krabi after Covid-19

Krabi opening up on July 1st

July 1st is the date set for the reopening of Krabi's National Parks

This means that many of the tours and activities and attractions will be opening up again to tourists. There will be restrictions on the number of people in some places and also the requirement for social distancing, screening, face masks and registration of guests for contact tracing.

We will have to wait and see which operators take the opportunity to start running their tours and activities at this time. Just send us your booking requests and we will do our best to make them happen.

Safety First

Krabi's recovery from the Covid-19 shutdown does rely on guests as much as operators to follow the guidelines. Please do follow all instructions and keep everyone safe!

Go Private

Private trips mean you can get to enjoy everything while avoiding much of the exposure to the virus that group trips entail.

  • All transport is for your group only
  • Transport cleaned before each new group of guests
  • drivers and guides screened daily and will always use face masks
  • hand sanitizer on all transport

Check out our list of private trips, activities and charters

If you have any questions about making any other sort of trip private, like kayaking or rock climbing or horse riding, just let us know and we will try to make it happen.

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Maya Bay Closed until Further Notice


The Government had announced that the planned closeure of Maya Bay on the Phi Phi Islands has been extended. The Bay will not reopen until the area has had a chance to recover.. The original date for reopening was set at October the 1st. The extra time is intended to give the local ecosystem, that for years has been overwhelmed by visiting tourists, to have extra time to recover. We are still waiting to hear how the access to Maya Bay will have changed when it does reopen. As soon as we hear anything we will update.

There has also been news that National Park entrance tickets will in furture need to be bought in advance, no details have yet been released.


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Why Book with Krabitrek

Krabitrek are the local Krabi Experts

At Krabitrek, we are all local Krabi residents who have worked in the tour business in Krabi for at least 10 years. We know all the operators, we know the conditions, we visit the tours and attractions regularly, so whenever you ask a question, you can be sure that the answer is accurate. Most other online tour agencies, even if their name includes "Krabi" are not really based in Krabi and their operators do not really have information other than what the operators have told them.

Krabitrek also provide a phone number to call if there is any issue on the day. Feel free to call if the pickup is a bit late or if you have any questions. We guarantee that the person on the other end of the phone speaks good English and will know the answers. No computer switchboards or "Press 2 to speak to a person". 


100% Cancellation refund (Including deposit!)

At Krabitrek, if you cancel by 4:00pm the day before a tour, we will refund. The refund is 100% of what you have paid, including any deposit. There are no extra admin charges or deductions. Most other online agencies claim to offer full refunds, but look a bit closer at their Terms and Conditions and you will find that most will not refund your deposit. Having the option to cancel or change means that even if you just have a change of feeling, or perhaps a bit of sunburn, you can easily change your arrangements without losing out on your hard earned money.


Fast Response

We work hard to get back to you as fast as possible when you email us. As soon as we receive an enquiry, we check availability and send a paypal invoice for the deposit. Its quick and easy and reliable. As soon as we receive the deposit, we send the booking confirmation with all the details and everything you need to know to get the best out of the trip.


We Check Every Tour Ourselves

We go on every tour and activity at least once a year. We update our descriptions and take all our own photos (you may have noticed our photos and tour descriptions on other websites, but we guarantee that they are ours. If you don't believe us, you can easily check on the internet archive Wayback Machine:



Krabitrek are registered with Tripadvisor meaning you can check our reviews while being sure that they are genuine and independent. We might be wrong, but we have not seen any other Internet Tour agent in Krabi on Tripadvisor. You will see that all the other Tour Agents put reviews on their own web pages, but do you really believe those reviews? 


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How to Book

To book a tour or activity or private charter, just browse through all our available tours and activities.

When you find something you are interested in, just add it to you enquiry cart using the form on the tour page and once finished, click to send the enquiry, fill in the details and click send. You can add any other questions or request for transfers in the comments box.

You can check your enquiry Cart at any time by just clicking the red Shopping Cart tab on the left of the screen.

If you know what you want but can't find it, just click the green Email Us tab on the left of the screen and write in your questions.

The more information you give us, the better as it helps us to give an accurate quote.

We'll get back to you, normally the same day, with confirmation of availability and price.

If you decide to go ahead with the booking, we will send a paypal invoice for a deposit. You can make the payment using most credit and debit cards with no need to sign up for a paypal account. The Paypal system is very quick and safe.

Its easy, safe and reliable and the best way to make sure that all your time in Krabi is spent doing the things you want to do.

We know that weather and any number of other things can affect your plans, so If you decide to cancel or make any changes to your booking, you can do so up until 4pm the day before any trip and we guarantee 100% refund.


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Top Ten Things to do in Krabi

This is a list of our favorite things to do in Krabi and Aonang. Many of these are the free simple things that anyone can do with no advance booking or cost. Actually, we have 13, but the Top 13 doesn't sound quite as good:)

1. Island Hopping and snorkelling - Maya Bay, Poda Island, Hong Island Lagoon - the stuff of dreams
2. Rent a Bike and Get Lost! - Discover Krabi for youself.
3. Visit a Temple - Tiger Cave Temple plus many more
4. Krabi Markets - Krabi Walking Street and day markets
5. Thara Park - A view on real Thai life.
6. Go Hiking - Hang Nak Nature Trail, Phanom Bencha Park -  Awesome views, waterfalls and jungle walks
7. Kayak - Caves and Unspoilt nature in the mangroves - Thalane Bay, Bor Thor
8. Eat - Thai food
9. Elephant Trek - Meet the Krabi Natives
10. Adrenalin - White Water Rafting, ATV, Rock Climbing - thrills and excitement
11. Massage - Melt away all your troubles
12. Scuba Diving - Krabi has some of the finest dive sites in the world
13. Relax! - No More, No Less


Just click the Read Full article link below for more details on these and lots more.

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The 4 Islands Vs The Hong Islands

Both sets of Islands are National Parks, they are both undeveloped and beautiful, both sets have clear water and soft sand beaches.

Which tour to take? There is no clear winner but here is some information to help you decide. 

Hong Islands and 4 Islands comparison Chart

  4 Islands Hong Islands
Snorkelling Good Good
Kayaking No Yes
Water clarity Good Good
Beach Good Good
Longtail boat travel time 15 - 20 minutes 35 - 45 minutes
Speedboat travel time 10 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Toilets Poda Island only Hong Island only
Restaurants No No
Park Fee Adult 400thb / Child 200thb Adult 300thb / Child 200thb


 Please note that all times are approximate, sea conditions and tides can make it faster or slower.


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Bioluminescent Plankton

Bio luminescent plankton are present in the whole of the area of the Krabi Islands. They are small creatures that just float in the water, they cannot swim against the current so they are just washed around in the Ocean movements and tides. The faint light they produce is only visible at night on reasonably dark nights. When they are there, it is an impressive sight, just lie in the water and move around and the water around you will just glow and sparkle. It's a slightly tingly sensation.
This phenomenon occurs only when the conditions are just right and its impossible to predict whether or not you will see them.

Trips we offer where you might get to see them are the 4 Island sunset tour and the 4 Island longtail Charter Island.

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Krabi National Park Fees

These prices are up to date for 2020

Island National Parks

Destination Adult Child
Phi Phi Islands  400 thb 200 thb
4 Islands (Poda, Chicken, Tup) 400 thb 200 thb
Hong Islands 300 thb 200 thb


(Child Age is 4 - 11, 3 and under are free.)


Park fees are obligatory for all passengers on any of the Island tours. It is not possible to take the tours without paying the fee.

Click the full article for all National Park entrance fees in Krabi including The Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs.


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Krabi Fruit

For fruit lovers, Krabi really is paradise. There is a massive range of of fruit available in Krabi, some is seasonal and others. like water melon are all year round.

Mangosteen - one of fruits royalties, the succulent white flesh inside the hard purple shells is a real taste sensation.

Mangoes - sweet yellow ones or large green sweet and sour ones, I love mangoes!

Click the full article for many more delicious fruits!


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2018 - 2019 High Season in Krabi

High season in Krabi is from about the middle of October until the end of March with the peak time being middle of December to middle of January.

During high season, Krabi can get very busy with most of the hotels full and most of the tours and activities booked almost to capacity. Although this does mean that everywhere is busy and on many days the beaches will be relatively crowded, its usual for the weather to be great every day, so, as long as you don't mind sharing the beaches and activities, then its still a great time to come.

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