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Introduction to Krabi

4 Island Sunset D20 1630Just about anywhere you find yourself in Krabi, you'll have a great view, but there are some simply special places that if you have the time, you really shouldn't miss.

There are also many activities that you can view on our Krabi Activities Page.

Just the feeling of being in Krabi is its main attraction. Although tourism is making its mark, with improved roads, new buildings and hotels popping up all over the place, it only takes a few minutes drive to get out into the countryside and see the outstanding beauty that the coastline and scenery has to offer. Even the drive from the airport to Aonang is along a stunning road that weaves through the mountains. You just cannot fail to be impressed. Combine this with some outstanding beaches that even in high season are uncrowded, mainland Krabi must be one of the most attractive destinations in the world.


The Andaman Coast & Islands

Most people's first thought is the Islands. Phi Phi is the most famous of the dozens of small and large Islands that pepper the Andaman Coast. The Phi Phi Islands can be visited from Aonang and Krabi on a days speedboat tour which takes in all the famous beaches as well as a few other spectacular beauty spots. Bamboo Island is one of the Islands visited on the tour; this is a small Island covered with vegetation and surrounded by soft sand beaches and the most clear and turquoise water you will ever see. 


The historians claim that the Krabi area is the area with signs of the earliest human habitation in Asia, and its not difficult to see why. You can imagine cave men and women from all over Asia setting off in search of a place where they can survive. They arrived in Krabi and stopped, great weather, abundant fruit and fish, verdant jungle and palatial caves must have made Krabi paradise on earth for early man. The amazing thing is that its nor changed much and although much of the jungle has been replaced by plantation, Krabi is still just as much a paradise as it ever was.

Hong Islands

The Hong Islands are one of Krabi's greatest assets. The word Hong means "room" and describes the shape of the Island with a narrow entrance into a central lagoon surrounded by towering cliff tops. 

Hong's beach was described by the BBC as the best beach in Asia in a recent round up of the best tourist destinations.

The beach at Hong Island is very beautiful, you can snorkel right off it, be a bit careful as at low tide, there is some coral in the shadows which makes walking a bit difficult.

The other Islands in the group  that are visited by the boat tours are: Pakbia Islan, Daeng Island and Lading Island.


4 Islands

For photographic opportunities, there are not many better than the Talay Whak. This is the Thai phrase to describe the sandbar that links Koh Poda and Koh Tup at low tide. Postcards of this spot are available just about anywhere in Thailand and is perhaps the closest you'll ever get to how most people imagine paradise. As the tide rises, you can lounge on the sandbar between the Islands bathing in bath warm water that is slowly rising to ankle deep. The sand is soft and you get the feeling that you really can walk on water!

The other Island that makes up the tour is Chicken Island, named, rather imaginatively, because the mountain at its centre really does look like a chicken.

The final destination on the famous 4 Island tour is Phranang cave, a stalactite and stalagmite encrusted cave that looks like the jaws of some prehistoric creature. The cave is a holy place for the native sea gypsies in the area and is always adorned with shrines and wreathes to help ensure safety, prosperity and fertility.

Khao Sok National Park


Khao Sok National park is the largest area of untouched rainforest in South East Asia. At its centre is Chiao Lan reservoir dammed by the Ratchaprapha dam. The flooding of the area has ensured a total lack of development on the area inside the park meaning that you really can get in there and get a real pre-historic experience. The only accommodation deep inside the park are raft houses accessible only by longtail boat. The accommodation is basic, with no electricity for much of the day, but more than makes up for it by the total lack of light and sound pollution that make a stay here truly inspiring. When I say no noise pollution, I do not mean by any means that it is silent, there is a whole orchestra of deafening insects who fill every sound frequency as soon as dusk begins to settle. You really will hear nothing like it.

Phang Na Bay and James Bond Island

PhangNa Bay was one of the earliest tourist destinations on the Andaman Coast and is one of the prime reasons why Phuket became so famous. James Bond films are normally remembered for the Bond girls who dazzled the audience; "The man with the Golden Gun" though is mainly remembered for the beach scene which was shot on the beach here. Audiences all over the world were mind-blown by this incredible exotic scenery and the rich and privelidged from all over the world set off to see it for themselves. Nowadays, thanks to the forward thinking of the Thai's the location is no less beautiful than it was then. It's also far more affordable with daily trips from Krabi visiting the beaches and surrounding area every day. Of course, its popularity also means that on busy days, it can feel rather crowded.

Tiger Cave Temple - Wat Tam Seau


Driving from the airport, just as you're passing Tesco, look right and look up and you'll see an unusual sight. A giant Buddha sitting atop one of the mountains. You are not imagining it, it really is there. It defies belief just how all the materials got up there, how steps were cut into the sheer cliff face, but somehow it was done. If you can manage the 1247 rather steep steps to the top, you'll see why they did it. Once at the top, (after you get your breath back) you'll be able to see a truly enlightening sight. The view from up there on a clear day is unbeatable.

The Temple is still worth visiting even if you don't have the time (or the energy) to get to the top. The temple is a labyrinth of caves that have been filled with Buddha statues and relics making for one of the most impressive Temples anywhere. Although you are unlikely to see any Tigers, you will see some absolutely massive trees with trunks the size of small houses.

Klong Thom Hot springs

There is nothing more amazing than the natural world, and hot water springs are one of the features that will remind you of just how fragile our world is. If you imagine hot springs as small pools of steaming toxic water, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. The Klong Thom springs are a veritable river of bath temperature water. Naturally worn basins in the rock-bed of the river have created natural baths where you can just lie and let the highly mineral, hot water wash all traces of worry away.

Emerald Pool

Why is it called Emerald Pool? it could be the color. Some call it the Crystal Pool but that description somehow misses the point. The point being that it really is as brightly Emerald green as... an Emerald. On a hot sunny day when the light reflects off the surface, you really can believe that this is the world's largest Gemstone.

The waters have a high mineral content which as well as creating this incredible color, also have a whole host of claimed medical benefits. Whether any of them are true or not it's way more pleasant than most natural remedies.

Tha Pom

tha-pom-krabi-1 tha-pom-krabi-5

This is the place where the fresh water run-off from mountain streams meets with the salt water creating an incredible swirling mixture of colors. There is a wooden platform walkway that takes you on a circular route through the mangroves that line the banks. The water in the fresh water area is as clear as glass and as cold as ice and there are some platforms just above the water level where you can just sit, admire the scene and cool your feet for a few minutes. Just a few km from Aonang, you can rent a motorbike and get there in about 30 minutes.


National Parks

A huge part of Krabi is actually National Park. All the Islands and all the coastal region have National Park status which is great as i means that it is all open to the public. Unlike in Phuket and other coastal areas around Thailand where huge swathes of beachfront are cut off from public access by large hotels and luxury villa developments, Krabi is totally open.

Inland also has more than its fair share of National Park land also. All the mountains are actually National Park and therefore restricted from any sort of building. This is why it still looks as good today as it did 20 or even 10,000 years ago. 

Phanom Bencha National Park & Huey Toa Waterfalls


Phanom Bencha National Park contains South Thailands highest mountain and also the famous Huey Toa waterfalls. Its also a beautiful place to go for a walk. Access is good and there is a well maintained path right up to the falls making it a great place to visit with young kids. (To get to the base of the water fall does requrie the last 50 metres or so to clamber across some rocks though). The grounds at the Park entrance are a great place to go in themselves with big grassy patches, some amazing trees and a visitor center with some limited information about the Park. Its also possible to stay in the park in a dozen or so quite nice bungalows and there is even a camping area.

If you want to go further, then there also some walks right into the National Park. To actually climb Phanom Bencha Mountain, you will have to access the Park from the other side of the mountains. If you are interested, contact us and we can provide further information. 

Tup Kaek Nature Trail

tup-kaek-nature-trail-krabi-2 tup-kaek-nature-trail-krabi-6

Up past Klong Muang and Tup Kaek Beaches, right at the end of the road, is a great walk up to one of the finest views you will see anywhere. The walk is abotu 4km and takes about 2 hours each way. Its uphill but is quite well maintained. There are one or two steeper short sections with steps but most reasonably fit people will be able to manage the walk to the top. Almost at the top there is also a small stream and waterfall. Once at the top, the view is just fabulous.

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