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No trip to Krabi would be complete without a trip to the 4 Islands.

The four Islands that make up the tour are Koh Gai (chicken Island), Koh Tup, Koh Mawr and Poda Island. Poda Island is the largest in the group, so really, the Islands should be called the Poda Islands, but as everyone knows them as "The 4 Islands' thats what we must call them.

There are also several other rock Islands in the same area which is why some operators call their tours "7 Island tour" or sometimes even more. However, only 4 of them can be landed at, the others are just rocks jutting out of the water. You will get to see them from your private charter, its also possible to snorkel around a few of these rock Islands, just ask your boat driver. Please note that if the water is a bit rough, then snorkelling around these rock areas may not be possible.

The Beaches

Poda Island has the most beautiful sand of all the Islands, its a long beach, quite narrow at high tide but quite wide at low tide. Just take a walk along the beach a bit and you are almost certainly going to find a nice secluded spot.

Lie back on a tropical beach as the waves of the Andaman lap over your toes. Lean back and get an eyeful of the amazing Karst mountains.

Then, after a while, get up, pick up mask and snorkel and wander into the bath temperature crystal clear sea, and let yourself drift on the surface and allow yourself to be amazed by the underwater world. Thousands of fish of all colours, gorgeous coral and starfish can be found even in the shallows here.

When you have had your fill of this amazing Island life, just get up, wander over to your private boat and be transported to yet another magical Island where you can enjoy a packed lunch and a drink, perhaps stopping midway for a bit of deep sea snorkelling.

This sounds like a lifestyle only a millionaire could afford, but, it's actually available to all.

Sunset at Railay Beach

Pay a little extra and add an extra stop at Railay Beach on the way back. You can have a look around and enjoy a sunset drink or snack at one of the many beach side bars. Return to Aonang at about 7pm.

Tour Description

Although the group trips are a little bit cheaper, with a private charter, you get to enjoy more time actually on the Islands and can usually find an isolated spot of beach to really give yourself that castaway feel. The longtails have sun covers and bench seats and for this amount of time are a great way to travel.

For groups of 4 or more, it can actually be quite economical.

We can tailor any trip to suit your requirements, earlier or later packup times, sunsets, you name it. (Earliest pick up is at 08:00am from the hotel.)

We include a large cooler box of ice with drinking water, but you are free to fill it with any other drinks or fruit and snacks you would like.

A standard packed, thai fried rice lunch can be provided for 100thb per person, or there is a delicious chicken and rice with holy basil dish with a an egg on top. Both can be made non-spicey on request. Fresh seasonal fruit, like watermelon and/or pineapple will also be included.

Halal and vegetarian options are also available.

(Please do remember to take your rubbish with you when you leave the Islands.)

What's Included

An English speaking guide as well as the boat driver can be provided for an extra fee. The drivers all do speak enough English to communicate basic information, but are not trained as guides.

Prices do not include the National park fee of 400thb per adult, 200thb per child. This should be paid directly to the Park Staff on the Islands.

Prices are based on 4 people, larger groups may be a slightly higher charge depending on the exact program.

Price includes hotel pickup and dropoff within Aonang area only. Hotels and Resorts outside Aonang there will be an additional charge. Just let us know where you are staying and we will be happy to quote.

Please note that price is per boat (for whole group) not per person.


Tour Itinerary

As this is a private charter, we can arrange pickups to suit you. The earliest pickup time for a charter would be 08:00am (from Aonang Hotels and Resorts), getting on the boat at about 08:30am getting you to the Islands well before the group tours turn up. If you like to have a lie in before setting off, then no problem, just let us know what time you would prefer.

Hotel pickup from Aonang only. Klong Muang or Krabi Hotel pickup can be provided for extra fee.

At the end of the trip, you will be transferred back to your Aonang hotel or resort. Hotels and resorts outside Aonang, we can arrange transport for additional fee. Just let us know and we will quote.

Depending on conditions on the day, it may be possible to join the boat at Aonang beach. At other times, it will be at Nopperatara.


Tour Price

Private 4 Island Boat Charter (4-6 guests)
3500 thb
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Private 4 Island Boat Charter (7-10 guests)
4000 thb
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Private 4 Island Boat Charter (10-13 guests)
4800 thb
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Private 4 Island Boat Charter (14-17 guests)
4000 thb
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Private 4 Island Boat Charter (17-20 guests)
4500 thb
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