Private trip to Huey Tho waterfall at Phanom Bencha National Park

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A Trip out to one of Krabi's best kept secrets

Enjoy a walk through real rainforest to a 5 tier waterfall. Enjoy the scenery and take a dip in the cooling waters

Tour Description

Phanom Bencha is one of Krabi's best kept secrets. Its amazing that with so many people coming to see Krabi, that so few make the trip to the Huey Tho Waterfall at Phanom Bencha National Park.

The entrance of the park and the grounds are really beautiful. There are some huge trees in nicely set up and well maintained grounds. There is a camping area and a few bungalows for people who want to stay at the park. Prices for staying at the park are very reasonable, please enquire if interested.

The walk from the entrance to the waterfall is up a gentle slope and takes about 20 minutes. The jungle lined pathway is wide and well surfaced with a few benches along the way. There are a wide selection of birds and wildlife in the park, although you'll be lucky to see very much along this pathway. The insect orchestra is another matter though, its truly deafening at times.

The waterfall itself has several levels, each with its own pool. Its not amazingly dramatic as some waterfalls, but the setting is great and the water is deliciously cool. You can even have a dip. There are steps with a handrail up the side of the waterfall. Up to the first level, the steps are quite easy, above that it requires a bit more energy. Be careful when climbing the steps, when they are wet it can be quite slippy if its been raining.

The waterfall is quite a popular place for Thai families at weekends, but most days its deserted.

There is also a 3 or 4 km long route back to the park entrance. The route is through the forest and although it does get quite high, the trees block the view. Its a nice walk, but there are not really any fantastic views.

What's Included

Quoted Price is the total for the Maximum number of passengers per vehicle type. Maximum per car is 3 and maximum per minivan is 10.

Price does not include National Park fee of 100thb per adult, 50thb per child.

Price does not include an English speaking guide, drivers can speak enough english to communicate. We can provide a guide for 1100thb for the trip. A guide is not really necessary though. The Park has signposts and maps around so its easy to find your way around.

We would recommend about 4 hours to spend at the park to have time to enjoy the grounds, walk to the waterfall and back. If just going to the base of the waterfall, then you can fit it into about 2 hours.

Bring swimming gear if you would like to take a cooling dip in the pool.

Its possible to stop at a local restaurant for some food along the way. Just speak to the driver and they can suggest some options.

A standard packed, thai fried rice lunch can be provided for 100thb per person, or there is a delicious chicken and rice with holy basil dish with a an egg on top. Both can be made non-spicey on request. Fresh seasonal fruit, like watermelon and/or pineapple will also be included.

Halal and vegetarian options are also available.


Tour Itinerary

The journey time to the National Park is about 30 minutes from Aonang. Start time can be any time from about 07:00am. The park shuts at about 4:30pm. The total trip time can be anything up to about 5 hours, giving you about 4 hours at the park.


Tour Price

Private Huey Tho - Car
1800 thb
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Private Huey Tho - Van
2300 thb
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