Top Ten Things to do in Krabi

This is a list of our favorite things to do in Krabi and Aonang. Many of these are the free simple things that anyone can do with no advance booking or cost. Actually, we have 13, but the Top 13 doesn't sound quite as good:)

1. Island Hopping and snorkelling - Maya Bay, Poda Island, Hong Island Lagoon - the stuff of dreams
2. Rent a Bike and Get Lost! - Discover Krabi for youself.
3. Visit a Temple - Tiger Cave Temple plus many more
4. Krabi Markets - Krabi Walking Street and day markets
5. Thara Park - A view on real Thai life.
6. Go Hiking - Hang Nak Nature Trail, Phanom Bencha Park -  Awesome views, waterfalls and jungle walks
7. Kayak - Caves and Unspoilt nature in the mangroves - Thalane Bay, Bor Thor
8. Eat - Thai food
9. Elephant Trek - Meet the Krabi Natives
10. Adrenalin - White Water Rafting, ATV, Rock Climbing - thrills and excitement
11. Massage - Melt away all your troubles
12. Scuba Diving - Krabi has some of the finest dive sites in the world
13. Relax! - No More, No Less


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All these things to do can be done on any day of the year. Some can even be more enjoyable in the rainy season you just have to be prepared and flexible.

At Krabitrek we try to inspect all the tours and attractions regularly to ensure that our descriptions are up to date and accurate. We use reliable operators and listen to any feedback and just try to offer the sort of service we would want if we were visiting.

1. Island Hopping and snorkelling.

The 4 Islands (AKA Poda Islands), Hong Islands and the Phi Phi Islands all lie within Krabi Province and are possible for day trips from Krabi Town and the Ao Nang area. The 4 Islands are the closest, Hong Island a bit further up the coast and the Phi Phi Islands about 1 hour by speedboat. The 4 Islands and the Hong Islands are small uninhabited Islands, Phi Phi is a group of small and slightly larger Islands with the main Island of Phi Phi Don having lots of resorts and hotels and being a very popular destination in its own right.

The first thing most people think of when they hear the name Krabi is the coastline. Krabi's amazing Andaman coastline is really unlike anything you will see anywhere else and is almost completely unspoilt by industry or tourism. There are dozens of Islands and miles and miles of the most amazing beaches that, even now that Krabi has become a major tourist destination, are largely untouched.

The mainland beaches are great but for the real crystal clear water, you need to get out to the Islands.

Island Tours


For most, Koh Tup, Koh Gai, Koh Mor and Koh Poda, which together, make up the Island part of the famous 4 Island tour are the easiest, quickest and most economical way to get a true taste of what is on offer. They are beautiful but also very popular and in high season, can become a little crowded particularly on Thai public holiday weekends. The water is very clear on a calm day and there are usually lots of small fish even in the shallows. 

Then there is Koh Hong, famous for its hidden lagoon and amazing beaches. Near to Koh Hong are Koh Lading, Koh Pakbia and Koh Daeng. The water is just as clear at the Hong islands and on some days the snorkelling is even better. As part of Hong Island beach is sheltered, the snorkelling can be good even if the water is a bit rough or on cloudy and rainy days.

Then, there is the Phi Phi Island group.

Phi Phi is the largest of the Island tourist destinations. In the last two decades its gone from being a remote group of tropical Islands to being one of the top destinations in Asia. There are now dozens of large multi-national hotels and resorts and daily visits from Phuket, Koh Lanta as well as Krabi all wanting to get a glimpse of the sights that astounded the world when the film "The Beach" came out. Bamboo Island is nearby and on the Phi Phi Island by speedboat itinerary and this Island is ringed by spectacular white sand beaches and clear turquoise water, is always a big favorite.As a result of the popularity there are times when the famous Maya Bay is almost standing room only. Although some complain, this popularity is inevitable and despite this, it's still well worth seeing.


I have read in various reviews about Krabi that the sea is not as clear on the mainland as it was 10 or 15 years ago, but the truth is, the water clarity on the mainland beaches is entirely dependent on the weather and tide conditions. Being on the mainland, when there are waves, it does disturb the sea floor. I go to most of the local mainland beaches on most weeks and on a few days of the year when the sea is perfectly calm, the water is just as sparkling and visibility is great. It's just a matter of luck. For almost guaranteed crystal clear water, you just have to visit the Islands, on any day where there are no big waves, the water is as clear as it has ever been.

We just took a trip ourselves to check out the Phi Phi Islands. We took the speedboat day trip with our kids. The sky was a bit hazy but we had a great day. The beach at Maya Bay was quite crowded even though its low season, but its still worth a short stop just for the experience of being there. The highlight was the snorkeling, really crystal clear water and lots and lots of fish. There are some new pictures in our photo gallery, but here is one that shows just how many fish you'll see at the Phi Phi Islands. These pics were taken at Nui Bay on Phi Phi Don Island. While we don't gurantee that you will see this many fish as it does depend on the conditions on the day, each time I have been to any of the Islands, I have seen a lot of fish!

The coral reefs around Krabi have suffered considerably from the latest El Niino event. Coral bleaching is caused by the increase in water temperature that occurs naturally during these events. Reefs thoughout the world have been affected and it does give the appearance of the sea bed looking rather dead. This is far from the case though, most of the coral is still very much alive and is just waiting for the temperatures to return to normal. After the last severe El Nino event in 2010 it took a couple of years for much of it to start looking colorful again so, hopefully, the sea floor in the Andaman Sea will recover as quickly this time.

A factor we do have control over though is the damage that is caused by human interraction, its really important not to touch the coral, step on or break bits off, even if it appears  lifeless, please be careful to avoid stepping on it or banging against it. It is actually a criminal offence to take any coral out of the sea and any coral found in luggage will be confiscated and you could even be fined.


phiphi snorkel fish snorkel


All of the tours we offer have a pickup service from all Aonang, Krabi and surrounding area hotels. Some of the tours do charge a small surcharge for pickup from hotels outside the main Aonang Hotel area. 


Another option is to charter your own longtail or speedboat for the day, if you have a group of 4 or more people, then a longtail can be economical and gives you more freedom to set your itinerary.


2. Rent a Bike and Get Lost!

No, seriously, I really do mean it. Getting lost in Krabi can be the most amazing experience, even after more than a decade here, I still find views that make my jaw drop.
Hire a jeep, motorbike or bicycle and take some small roads, get off the beaten track and just cruise, or jump in a songthew and see where you end up. With the limestone Karstes sticking vertically out of the ground, there are views and vistas just waiting to be discovered around every corner. 

For safety, please do remember to wear a helmet, take it at a slow speed, and just be sensible. (Helmets are a legal requirement in Thailand, they don't enforce it very often in the Aonang area but if you go to Krabi Town, then there are periodic Police checks and if you are not wearing a helmet, they will fine you (about 400thb). Accidents for happen, so, just in case, its best to make sure your travel insurance covers you for riding a motorbike, some insurance policies limit the engine size to 125cc. 

But riding around Krabi is a great experience, if you follow the coast road along to Klong Muang and TubKaek beaches, then you can stop anywhere and walk down to the beach and find yourself on a picture postcard beach with not a single footprint, even in high season.

Inland is even better. There are thousands of small dirt roads disappearing into the rubber and palm plantations just begging to be explored. In many cases, they will just dwindle to nothing, but really, bumping along under a canopy of rubber trees, not knowing what to expect is just liberating. If you do meet anyone, probably a rubber cutter or group of palm nut cutters, they are bound to be incredibly friendly. And don't worry, you can't really get dangerously lost, mobile telephone signal covers the whole area and all of the tarmac roads end up back at the main roads in the end. If you have a phone equipped with GPS, then use our map which shows your position in relation to all the attractions. Go slow though, smaller roads do have potholes, sandy bits and even the odd elephant crossing, but so many photo opportunities.

If on a bike, you don't need a powerful dirt bike, the humble 125cc moped is the perfect transport, they are easy to ride, just twist-and-go, economical (a full tank of fuel for 100thb or so). Everyone rides them, even the rubber cutters working up in the most remote and difficult to get to places use them. If you get a puncture, you can always find a repair place within a short distance and breakdowns are almost unheard of. If you ever did break down, run out of petrol or get a puncture, people are very helpful (they've all been in your situation themselves) just explain the problem (easy with a bit of sign language) and they'll almost always offer to help.

If you are with your partner on a honeymoon, then I cannot think of anything much more romantic than riding together through empty roads in this amazing scenery discovering new places. On a hot afternoon there really is nothing better than feeling the cooling wind through your hair.

Bicycles are available for rent in several places in and around the AoNang area. There are lots of great roads and tracks for bike riding and cycling has become a really popular activity for Thais and expats, you can find routes easily and the bike rent shops will be able to show you places. For road cycling, Krabi is great, its like being in the mountains but without the hills! Early moring is really the best time and you will always see groups of Thai cyclists on the roads between about 6:am to 7:30am. 

Whether you choose to cycle or motorbike, its best to take a waterproof along, there are some very heavy short lasting downpours and if you get caught, you can get very wet, very quick.

Car, jeep and minivan rental is also relatively cheap with a price for a small self-drive saloon car ranging up from about 900thb per day. Another option is to rent a car and driver for the day, prices depend more on the destinations than the amount of time so if you have an idea of the places you would like to go, we can give you a price.

Songthaew go along most routes in and around Aonang and Krabi, they are simple pickup trucks with covered bench seating in the back. If you see one, you can wave to it and it will stop, you can then check on which route they are going and the price. Many of the tour companies also use Songthew for short distance transport, but they usually have their logos on the side and are a bit less flashy than the public ones. They move along quite slowly, so allow plenty of time, but the open sides of the trucks give you a great view of Krabi as you pass and the wind in your hair keeps you cool.



There are a wide choice of motorbikes for rent in Aonang from the easiest to ride, "twist and go" type of mopeds, to motorcross bikes and even bigger bikes for the more experienced riders. The locals all use the classic 125cc mopeds to ride around the country lanes and even the roughest of dirt tracks, they are light, easy to control and very durable. Get a puncture and there will almost certainly be a place to mend it nearby at a relatively cheap price. It happens to every one, so just flag someone down and they will be able to tell you where the nearest place is.

The beautiful roads of Krabi

Everyone arriving in Aonang will have driven along the main Krabi to Aonang road at some point. This road weaves between the mountains and is a very popular place for stopping and taking some pictures. However nice it is though, the view is rather marred by the spaghetti of electric lines and the ever increasing building that is part and parcel of Krabi's ever increasing popularity. For far better views (and photos) just get off the main road in any direction and you'll find deserted roads with views far better.

One beautiful road is the road along to the Thalane Bay Kayak center. The road winds right along the side of the coast. The beaches are  more occupied by fishermen and locals collecting crabs than tourists. Its not so great for swimming but the view across Thalane Bay is amazing.
Also, remember that almost every single beach in Krabi is National Park and Public Property.  You will not see a sign saying private beach anywhere and although there may be a few areas in front of hotels on Klong Muang which have markers to show that rocks have been cleared, anyone is free to swim there. 

Then there is Phanom Bencha National Park, its about 30 minutes from Aonang along small local roads. The park is home to the highest mountain in Krabi and also has a wonderful waterfall called Huay Tho. Entrance is only 100thb for non-Thai Nationals and is well worth it. The park is incredibly well maintained with beautiful forests and some truly epic trees! The waterfall is about a ten minute walk from the main entrance along a wide easy to walk pathway. There are several levels to the waterfall with each having its own natural pool. The bottom is the perfect place for kids to have a splash in the cool water surrounded by real forest. In dry season (January to May), there is less water so the waterfall is less impressive, but the park itself is just a really nice place to spend some time. Park staff are friendly and helpful and the place really is kept spotlessly clean. They do have some bungalows and even tents for rent ranging in price from about 400thb (tent) up to 1200thb for a two room bungalow. So, if you like to have some time in real peace and quiet it might be an idea. The park never gets crowded with just a handful of small groups of Thai families and foreign tour groups visiting each day. Take a look on our facebook page for some recent pictures. The Park is nearby to our favorite elephant camp (the elephant camp is not an official part of the Park). 

Phanom Bencha National Park is a really perfect place to visit on a rented motorbike, the roads are local and quiet (although watch out for the holes!) if you need directions just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.

There are also many places that we haven't even explored yet. You will see signposts, in English, in various places to caves that are not on the tourist trail. Just follow them and see what you find (and please let us know if you find anything good!). This is the real beauty of Krabi, that there is so much more than what most people see.


3. Visit a Temple

Wat Tham Sua also known as Tiger Cave Temple is the most famous Temple in Krabi. The atmosphere, not to mention the view from the top, is just out of this world. Allow plenty of time though, for a start there are the 1237 steps to reach the mountain top, so you need to let your heart rate drop to double figures to get the best of it and really appreciate the place. But it's not just about the views or marveling at how they got the building materials up there, or the tribe of monkeys, really it is a place to just stop and NOT think. Just find a quiet place to sit and soak it in. I'm not that much of a spiritual person, but even I can't help but feeling mentally reenergized after a couple of hours just sitting in this this magical place.
The steps up to the temple are uneven and some sections are quite hard work but the handrail is there the full way and is solid. Even if you are short on time (or breath :) its still well worth the effort as the views even just a fraction of the way up are fantastic.
At ground level there is also plenty to see,  with some great caves that go deep into the mountain and pathways that go through some real original jungle sections with some truly monumental trees. So, if you don't have time or are not feeling up to the climb to the top, Tiger Cave Temple is still a great palce to visit. If you are on a group tour please keep an eye on the time, the guides are quite strict about leaving on time.

There are also dozens of monkeys all around the temple, they can get a bit cheeky and light fingered, so make sure you keep all food out of sight. They even try and open zips, so make sure your valuables (and your drinking water) is secure. 

But there are literally dozens of other temples that are worth a visit from the spectacular new white Temple in the center of Krabi Town right down to the smallest local temple that is home to just a few dedicated monks.


The Temples here are generally free to roam about at your will. As long as you are respectful in the way you dress and behave (keep the volume down and keep legs and shoulders covered), then everyone is welcome. So, if you see a temple anywhere, just stop, wander around and get a feeling for the culture. No temples will charge an entrance fee but some of the smaller temples are on very small budgets so, any donations, no matter how small are welcomed. Tiger Cave Temple do require ladies to cover legs, so bring a sarong, if you forget they will rent one to you for 20thb. (When walking up the steps, shorts are fine, but please cover up again at the Temple area at the top. 


4. Krabi Markets

Krabi Walking Street / Night Market

Krabi Walking Street is perhaps the best cultural and foodie experience in Krabi.  Krabi Walking Street, is a night market with lots of clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs, but even if you're not into shopping its worth a visit just for the huge variety of food. There is everything from spicy salads to bamboo cocktails, chocolate pancakes, sushi, somtam, kebabs,fried fish, oysters, as well as the standard BBQ chicken and all at very reasonable prices. If you feel like being adventurous, there is even a stall offering frog and insect snacks! Just wander around and let your nose guide you.Then while you sit down to eat, enjoy a wide selection of on stage entertainment. The entertainment might be, pop music, break dancing toddlers to 70 year old kareoke singers (quite likely both) plus occasional puppet shows and a spot of Thai dancing. For the kids there is usually a bouncy castle and a couple of places where they can do some painting or batique.The atmosphere is really nice and there are several bars and restaurants around to just sit and watch the world go by. The Krabi Walking street is open on Friday, saturday and sunday nights from about 6:00pm to about 10:00pm. If you want a seat in view of the stage, you might have to wait a bit.

Krabi Morning Market

At the other end of the day in the early morning, If you do have your own transport in Krabi, then set your alarm for 5.00 am (or earlier if you can, yes, it is worth it!) You'll find Krabi Market right off the main road in the centre of Krabi town. The market sells mainly seafood, fruit and vegetables but is such a vibrant hive of activity that it is well worth the visit. You'll get to see a variety of fish, seafood and vegetables nothing like you have seen before. Everyone is incredibly friendly and even if you don't speak a word of thai, you'll end up with a few extra friends by the time you leave. The best time of day for this is just as the sun comes up. There is also an area in the centre of the market with take away food and snacks and some benches to sit. Try some of the sticky rice sweets. You'll see them wrapped up into small banana-leaf parcels. They are cheap and delicious, my favorite is khnom sai sai, this is sticky rice with a coconut filling. (khnom pronounced 'kar nom' by the way, is the thai word for any sort of snack). The market is open from the early hours of the morning until about 10:30am, best time is sunrise when its a real hive of activity. For photographers, the sun comes in from the side of the market creating incredible lighting and shadows for some epic pictures of real Thailand life.

If you want to give yourself an extra incentive, just ask your resort restaurant and many will be happy to cook a fish for you for a small charge, so you can buy your own at the market and then enjoy it for your evening meal. (Please check with your hotel first that they will be able to do this for you.)


Krabi Second Hand clothes Market

If you need to pick up a few bits of cheap clothing for the next stage of your travels then perhaps the second hand clothes market might be good. The market is saturday afternoons only and the location is in Krabi Town near the Eagle traffic lights. There are usually dozens of stalls offering a complete range of mostly second hand clothes, jackets, bags, jeans, t-shirts, shoes and trainers. Price for a shirt can be 20thb - 100thb, trainers 100thb - 250thb. Lots of good branded stuff mixed in with a lots of less desisreable items...


Aonang Food Markets

There are also normal food markets every day in Aonang, they do move about a bit though and in different places each day of the week. Just ask your hotel and they will tell you, or send us an email and we will be happy to help. Markets in Aonang are mostly afternoon markets open from about midday to about 7:00pm. The markets have a good selection of fruit and vegetables, meat and fish and on most days you can also pick up some delicious curry pastes.


5. Thara Park

On most weekday evenings and a Sunday afternoon, this is where the Thai people go for Pai Tio. Pai Tio is a national institution, basically it means 'wandering around aimlessly for fun'. And this is exactly what you will see people doing. The park is by the river and although its nothing spectacular, its just a really pleasant place to sit on the grass, have a picnic perhaps or eat an ice-cream. If you have young kids, then there is a children's park with the normal swings, slides and climbing frames that you would find in any kids playground. It's reasonably well maintained, clean and safe. One thing that is amazing is to watch Thai kids play with each other. I have two children, we quite often go here to let them play and even though they don't know anyone, they all play together. The older kids really do seem to like looking after the younger ones, where else in the world would you see an 8 year old boy help a 3 year old girl he's never met before up a climbing frame without being bribed or threatened into it?
Please remember that anywhere with children, it's essential that you supervise them at all times.

On most days of the week when its not raining, a local roller blade retailer sets up at the center of the park and will offer some tuition on roller blading to young kids. He has blades for rent very reasonably priced with pairs to fit most ages from about 5 years old up to about 11. Its really nice to see the kids skating around together. Please note he does not have helmets or protective pads. He arrives at about 4:30pm and sets up some music. He's very good at teaching the kids the very first steps and brings along a carpet to teach them the stepping action you need before letting them loose on their own.

6. Go Hiking

There are a few National Parks within easy reach of Krabi and Ao Nang where you really can experience what real rainforest is like. One is Phanom Bencha National Park. There is a waterfall here and a jungle walk. It's well maintained and quite spectacular during rainy season although does dry up considerably at dry times of year. There is an entrance fee of 200thb per Non-thai adult (Thais 20thb)

One other is at the very end of the road at TubKaek beach called Khao Hon Nak. Just keep driving away from Ao Nang past the Krabi Amari Vogue resort and you'll come to the end of the road. There are a few parking spaces and a footpath that winds right up the mountain to the very top of one of the Karstes. The views from up there are truly wonderful. I go regularly, and its never been busy, sometimes only a handful of people the whole way and can be completely alone at the top. You have to allow plenty of time, about two to three hours to get up and two to get down. But it is definitely worth it. Just to put it in context, I and my husband are not particularly fit in our 40's and the first time we went we had to carry our kids up most of the way, the second time, aged 3 and 4, the kids walked 90% of it on their own in both directions. Take plenty of water though. There are also signs for a waterfall half way up, but I have to admit, we have not ever visited. That's on our plans for a weekend soon. Parts of the walk have worked on in early 2017, some steps have been put over the steepest section, and paths improved.

Update October 2017, although it was a bit hazy, the view was still fantastic. It took us about 1.5 hours up and a bit less on the way down. You now have to sign a book at the bottom and then sign out on your way out, but there is still no charge! Check out our facebook page for some pictures. 


7. Kayak

Kayaking anywhere is just good fun. It's what messing about on the water is all about. Amongst the mangrove forests in Krabi there is an extra dimension though, there are dozens of small inlets that weave around. The sound, the sights and the wildlife that you will see as you paddle along in your kayak just make it truly magical. There are small caves, some which you can kayak straight into, and then there are the monkeys. You will often be trailed by a whole gang of these curious creatures. They'll point at you and laugh at you and perhaps even jump on your kayak for a hitch. They are not dangerous, just after a free meal or a bit of fruit, but I would be careful about keeping your belongings close to you at all times. The groups of monkeys do have a large area to roam however, so, its just luck whether they happen to be in your area.

This is really the reverse experience of a zoo, it's an education. Even on a rainy day, this is great fun.
Krabitrek has some great deals on Kayaking in Krabi. 
The best time for kayaking at Thalane Bay is at a mid to high tide time. This is when more of the smaller routes are accessible but the caves still visible. But really, it's only at the lowest of low tides when it's not worth going at all.

We just made an inspection of the kayaking trip at Bor Thor and it really is a fantastic place and a well run trip. The caves are great and really intereting to see the cave paintings.The countryside in this area is unspoilt and great to see. It was also a really nice lunch.

There is also a BBQ on the beach and sunset kayak in the mangroves at Thalane Bay. This is a really nice trip, the kayaking begins at about 4:30pm for about an hour and a half kayaking through the mangroves and then a short trip to a really nice quiet and unspoilt beach for a BBQ.The table is set up right on the beach next to a small resort. (On rainy days, they do have tables under cover).

If considering any kayaking please do remember to check the tides. You can find our tide tool on all the tour pages, just select the date and it shows you water height and tide times for every day of 2016. Thalane Bay is particularly affected by the tides. At very low tides, the water level in the mangroves gets quite low, so it can be difficult to get down some of the channels, on really low days, you might have to get out and push, it's still a beautiful place to be, but can get a bit muddy.


Bor Thor Kayaking

The other main mangrove kayaking option in Krabi is at Bor Thor. About an hour north by minivan from Aonang and Krabi, you arrive at the pier at Bor Thor. The pier gves entry to the river along which you will kayak. Its close to the sea so the water level is tiday, its nicest at a mid tide time, when the water is above the mangrove roots but low enough to be able to paddle around inside some of the caves.  You start by kayaking along the river to an entrance point into the mangroves. The nature is really fabulous along the way before arriving at the main caves. These caves are famous in the area as they have various cave paintings. Get out of the kayak and wander through the caves crammed with stalagtites and stalagamites. After a 30 mintues stay, its back in the kayak and cruise back around the mangroves and up the river. There are also a coulpe of beautiful lagoons that are entered through cave tunnels under the mountains. Please check the tide time tables and try to go on a day with a mid to high tide time while you will be kayaking.

krabi bor thor kayak

8. Eat

You might have been to a few Thai restaurants at home, you might have even tried cooking Thai food yourself. But, the ingredients here make the food taste how it should taste. In fact, perhaps if you do have a favorite Thai Restaurant at home, then this is exactly what you shouldn't do, it will never taste quite as good again. But really, there are so many food options here. The restaurants along the beach road are the most expensive, some of them do have good food, but this is not quite real Thai food. The real stuff is to be found in the restaurants that are a bit away from the beach areas. 

For breakfast I would recommend Khanom Jean, this is a yellow sauce that goes with white rice noodles, this is served with a plate of fresh salad and herb leaves. Traditionally it's really an all day food but all the good shops, make it very early in the morning and have sold out by about 10:00 or 11:00 am. The absolute best Khanom Jean shop in Krabi (if not in the world, no exaggeration!), is one on the main road between Ao Nang and Krabi about 100 metres after the PTT petrol station on the right as you head towards Krabi. You'll see just an old wooden building, with an awning and a few tables, and a crowd of cars and motorbikes parked at the front. This place may not look like much but it is amazing. They also have a couple of other sauces, a non-spicy peanut one, which my kids love, and a really spicy one which is worth a taste. They also have BBQ'd pork and next door also sells the best fried chicken that you can buy. And the price, well, normally for myself, my husband and two children, eating a plate each and a piece of fried chicken and some bbq pork, 200thb (yes, for all of us!)

They also have thai coffee, tea and soft drinks.

There are dozens of equally amazing food sensations to be experienced here. When ordering off a menu at a restaurant, if you would like it not spicy, then just say "my pet" (ok, not really spelt like this but honestly, say these words and your food won't be spicy. It's also very easy to remember!). If you want to be polite, then if you are a man say "my pet kap" and a woman should say "my pet kar".

For restaurants, then if you are looking for authentic Thai food, Krabi Town is the place to go. If you would like a recommendation, drop us a line and we'll be happy to offer some suggestions. We can also, arrange transport and even make reservations at some of the more upmarket restaurants for you.

If you require Halal food in Krabi, its really no problem, there is a high percentage of Muslims in Krabi so Halal food is very easy to find. All the tours that we offer can provide Halal food or vegetarian food on request.

Thailand is also a great place for fruit lovers. At all times of the year there is great fruit, sometimes its pineapples or watermelon, sometimes Rambutan or Longan or mangoes or even Durian. You can usually easily see which fruit is in season as there will be pickup trucks parked at the side of the road full of a particular fruit, these are often the best places to buy from as you can be sure that its locally grown and probably cheap. In Krabi Town there is a good fruit market that is open in the evenings. There are also day markets on every day of the week in various places around Aonang. They do change location and days quite regulalrly, so if you would like to know which market is open on which day, just email us and ask. All the markets have a few fruit stalls, its also a good place to pickup a few curry pastes or ingredients to take home with you.

Check out our restaurants information page for details on a small selection of our favorites.
Another great option is to take a Thai Cooking course. You get to visit the market, buy the ingredients, learn what to do with them, and then get to eat the results. This is one Krabi Activity that you can actually take home with you. 

9. Elephant Trek

At Krabitrek, we love all animals. We will not offer any activity or trip from any operator where we do not trust that animals are cared for.

An Elephant Trek is one of the oldest tours or activities in Krabi that has been offered and is considered by some to be a bit touristy or cliche and some worry that the elephants are not well cared for. But, I have now come to realize that actually, supporting this industry can be actually good for elephants. For one thing, the elephants in the trekking establishments that we deal with are very well cared for, they have good food, and are loved by their owners. They have a nice walk through the jungle a few times a day and a bath in the river, which they seem to enjoy. But more than this, the more that people, get to know elephants, the more the love for them is spread around the world and this can only be a good thing. Not every place is good and we do visit and check. At Krabitrek we are real animal lovers and will not send any customers to any elephant camp that we do not feel treat their animals well. 

We have just added a new trip to our site with Elephant Bathing! This is a great experience for anyone. You get a rare chance to get right up and close to an elephant, scrub its back, tickle its tummy and get well and truly soaked. The elephant camp offers full and half day activities and this special Trek with elephant bath option. It has limited availability and is popular, so please book in advance. They are a small place with only a handful of locally owned elephants. The mahoots seem to really love their animals and the location, on the edg of the National Park is perfactly suited to them. The bathing experience is unique, you get to see just how intelligent and sensitive they are.

A ride on an elephant is an experience. I remember the first time my father and mother in law visited from England for the first time, a farmer and his wife from rural England. We took them everywhere, showed them dream tropical Islands, It may be short, but, it still might be the closest you will ever get to an elephant, and they really are the most astonishing creatures when you get close up. The balance and poise with which they place every step even on slippy, steep slopes is incredible. So, I do have to include this in the top ten things to do in Krabi.


10. Adrenalin!

Krabi is not all about sitting back and admiring the view. If you like some action, then there is rock climbing at Railay Beach, a place where climbing enthusiasts have been coming for decades for the made-for-the-job cliffs, fantastic views and great beach. Or if that seems a bit tame, there is deep water solo, a sport where you climb a cliff as high as you can and then just jump (the cliff just happens to be hanging over deep water).

Then there is the white water rafting, cycling, ATV riding, and even climbing through the tree tops getting a monkey's-eye-view of the world. There are so many things to do in Krabi.

My family just took the rafting trip a couple of weeks ago and it really is great fun. The guides are just so good at making it fun while keeping it safe.

There is now a new ATV camp near to Aonang. They will pick up at each hour during the day, they offer 40 minute and 1 hour rides through the local countryside. The views are not quite so spectacular and the riding is not quite so challenging as at the Rafting camp area in PhangNa, but its a great way to spend a bit of time on a rainy day in Krabi.



11. Massage

If, like me, you just love massage, then there are literally dozens of massage shops in Aonang. They all offer much the same range of oil massages, feet massages and also thai massage. The standard of massage does vary from place to place, in my experience, the oil massages are all quite similar and very relaxing. For proper thai massage, it varies a lot on the individual masseur on the day, some are really good but some don't quiet have a really high level of expertise. If you are really looking for the real thing, then there are some real experts who will come to your villa or hotel, the price is higher, but for the massage connoiseur its worth it. Just send us an email if you are interested.

12. Scuba Diving

People come from all over the world to scuba dive in the Andaman. Its a combination of perfect temperature clear water, great marine life and relatively low price that makes it a great place to dive whether for the first time or as an expert. Learning to dive is quite quick and inexpensive with a first lesson in a local resort swimming pool and then after that at some of the coral reefs around Koh Phi Phi or the local Islands. Its really quite easy to master and as an experience, seeing your first underwater scene it very hard to beat. 

For scuba diving in Krabi, we recommend allowing yourself enough to time to check out the local options when you arrive. There are dive shops in Aonang and Railey and they all offer trips on different days at slightly different prices. Most will need you to visit the shop for equipment fitting before a course, so its best to just shop around and find one that offers what you are looking for and where you have a good feeling.

13. Relaxing

Saving the best till last, the absolute best thing you can do in Krabi is simply to relax. Go to the beach, take a walk or just sit by the swimming pool. 


There's more!

I could go on with this list, I still haven't even got to the  Emerald Pool, the hot springs, the bird singing contests, the food fairs, the festivals etc etc etc. But really, the best way to find out about these things is to discover them for yourself, one short holiday is not going to do this amazing place justice, so please, come, get a taste and then start planning your next trip.

We are always happy to answer questions about anything to do with a trip to Krabi, so, if you need to know where to get the sweetest mango or the hottest chilli, just ask.



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Krabi Tides 2017-12-15

Krabi Activities

krabi white water rafting 3There are many places in the world where you can rock-climb, cycle, snorkel, kayak, ride ATV's, elephants, horses or go-karts, but, and it's a big but, there is nowhere in the world where you can do these things against a backdrop quite like Krabi.

There are also many attractions that you can view on our Krabi Attractions Page.

Take advantage of the rainy season to get to see Krabi without any crowds!

Krabi Attractions

4 Island Sunset D20 1630Just about anywhere you find yourself in Krabi, you'll have a great view, but there are some simply special places that if you have the time, you really shouldn't miss.

There are also many activities that you can view on our Krabi Activities Page.

Just the feeling of being in Krabi is its main attraction. Although tourism is making its mark, with improved roads, new buildings and hotels popping up all over the place, it only takes a few minutes drive to get out into the countryside and see the outstanding beauty that the coastline and scenery has to offer. Even the drive from the airport to Aonang is along a stunning road that weaves through the mountains. You just cannot fail to be impressed. Combine this with some outstanding beaches that even in high season are uncrowded, mainland Krabi must be one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

How to Book

To book a tour or activity or private charter, just browse through all our available tours and activities.

When you find something you are interested in, just add it to you enquiry cart using the form on the tour page and once finished, click to send the enquiry, fill in the details and click send. You can add any other questions or request for transfers in the comments box.

You can check your enquiry Cart at any time by just clicking the red Shopping Cart tab on the left of the screen.

If you know what you want but can't find it, just click the green Email Us tab on the left of the screen and write in your questions.

The more information you give us, the better as it helps us to give an accurate quote.

We'll get back to you, normally the same day, with confirmation of availability and price.

If you decide to go ahead with the booking, we will send a paypal invoice for a deposit. You can make the payment using most credit and debit cards with no need to sign up for a paypal account. The Paypal system is very quick and safe.

Its easy, safe and reliable and the best way to make sure that all your time in Krabi is spent doing the things you want to do.

We know that weather and any number of other things can affect your plans, so If you decide to cancel or make any changes to your booking, you can do so up until 4pm the day before any trip and we guarantee 100% refund.


Top Ten Things to do in Krabi

This is a list of our favorite things to do in Krabi and Aonang. Many of these are the free simple things that anyone can do with no advance booking or cost. Actually, we have 13, but the Top 13 doesn't sound quite as good:)

1. Island Hopping and snorkelling - Maya Bay, Poda Island, Hong Island Lagoon - the stuff of dreams
2. Rent a Bike and Get Lost! - Discover Krabi for youself.
3. Visit a Temple - Tiger Cave Temple plus many more
4. Krabi Markets - Krabi Walking Street and day markets
5. Thara Park - A view on real Thai life.
6. Go Hiking - Hang Nak Nature Trail, Phanom Bencha Park -  Awesome views, waterfalls and jungle walks
7. Kayak - Caves and Unspoilt nature in the mangroves - Thalane Bay, Bor Thor
8. Eat - Thai food
9. Elephant Trek - Meet the Krabi Natives
10. Adrenalin - White Water Rafting, ATV, Rock Climbing - thrills and excitement
11. Massage - Melt away all your troubles
12. Scuba Diving - Krabi has some of the finest dive sites in the world
13. Relax! - No More, No Less


Just click the Read Full article link below for more details on these and lots more.

The 4 Islands Vs The Hong Islands

Both sets of Islands are National Parks, they are both undeveloped and beautiful, both sets have clear water and soft sand beaches.

Which tour to take? There is no clear winner but here is some information to help you decide. 

Hong Islands and 4 Islands comparison Chart

  4 Islands Hong Islands
Snorkelling Good Good
Kayaking No Yes
Water clarity Good Good
Beach Good Good
Longtail boat travel time 15 - 20 minutes 35 - 45 minutes
Speedboat travel time 10 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Toilets Poda Island only Hong Island only
Restaurants No No
Park Fee Adult 400thb / Child 200thb Adult 300thb / Child 200thb


 Please note that all times are approximate, sea conditions and tides can make it faster or slower.


Bioluminescent Plankton

Bio-luminescent Plankton
Bio limuniscent plankton are present in the whole of the area of the Krabi Islands. They are small creatures that just float in the water, they cannot swim against the current so they are just washed around in the Ocean movements and tides. The faint light they produce is only visible at night on reasonably dark nights. When they are there, it is an impressive sight, just lie in the water and move around and the water around you will just glow and sparkle. It's a slightly tingly sensation.
This phenomenon occurs only when the conditions are just right and its impossible to predict whether or not you will see them.

Trips we offer where you might get to see them are the 4 Island sunset tour and the 4 Island longtail Charter with sunset on Poda Island.







Krabi National Park Fees

These prices are up to date for 2016

Island National Parks

Destination Adult Child
Phi Phi Islands  400 thb 200 thb
4 Islands (Poda, Chicken, Tup) 400 thb 200 thb
Hong Islands 300 thb 200 thb


(Child Age is 4 - 11, 3 and under are free.)


Park fees are obligatory for all passengers on any of the Island tours. It is not possible to take the tours without paying the fee.

Click the full article for all National Park entrance fees in Krabi including The Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs.


Krabi Fruit

For fruit lovers, Krabi really is paradise. There is a massive range of of fruit available in Krabi, some is seasonal and others. like water melon are all year round.

Mangosteen - one of fruits royalties, the succulent white flesh inside the hard purple shells is a real taste sensation.

Mangoes - sweet yellow ones or large green sweet and sour ones, I love mangoes!

Click the full article for many more delicious fruits!


things to do for kids

Krabi really is a paradise for kids.

Young kids are the easiest, stick them on a beach with a bucket and spade and most kids from toddlers to teenagers will amuse themselves all day leaving you plenty of chance to relax. The best beaches for kids are Aonang and Klong Muang beach. (Please remember to closely supervise kids at all times though.)

Kids love to be kept busy and there are plenty of things to do in Krabi that will do that.

Elephant Trek - really young kids can be a bit scared, but kids from about 5 years and up are sure to love a ride on an elephant, its an experience that will stay with them for life.

Rock Climbing - kids love to climb and many are born naturals who will love the safe freedom to show off their abilities. Giving kids a love of climbing can also provide them in good stead for the future and teach them to be careful but not afraid.

Muay Thai Classes - Learn the basics of Muay Thai. Its more than just learning to fight, its a part of Thai culture. Its great exercise and even in just a few hours its amazing how much kids can pick up. Just the basics of self defence can a great confidence booster for kids. There are quite a few Muay Thai schools in the Aonang area. My kids and I go (just for fitness) to a small local school a few km outside Ao Nang. The school is called the Peteak Muay Thai School, its very low key and the Master there is a nice guy and great teacher. Its a great way just to burn off a few calories and any frustrations :)

Kayaking - Kids just love kayaking, I have been going with my kids since they were toddlers and they never get tired of it. Everytime we go, we see something new, at low tide there are lots of mudskippers and birds who eat the small fish. Sometimes there are lots of monkeys sometimes there are none, but the mangroves are always a magical place full of sound, color and nature. 


Krabi Rainy (Low) Season 2017

Krabi Rainy or Low season normally begins about March and goes through to the end of October, but realistically, it can rain on any day of the year, just the likelihood goes down after November. The first part of 2017 has been relatively wet, with rain at some point most weeks.

You expect the normal rainy season mix of heavy rain storms and strong sun. It's amazing how quickly it changes from torrential rainfall to bright sunshine. The mountains on the coast do make rain showers very local, sometimes it can be raining heavily in one area but bright sunshine just a few hundred meters away.

If you have booked a tour and it is cancelled due to the weather then we will refund or change to a different day. Not many tours are cancelled though even when raining heavily in the morning at the pickup time, often the showers are very local and short lasting. 

Sea tours usually go ahead if its raining in Aonang as the weather is very often much clearer out at the Islands.

Longterm and even short term forecasts are not very accurate, so, its best to just be prepared for everything, have a raincoat and your suntan lotion with you at all times. Most convenience shops like 7-11 sell very cheap plastic rain coats which are idea, they pack up very small and do a great job of keeping you dry in even the heaviest shower, ok, they aren't the most fashionable items, but in a heavy rain shower you will be very happy you have one.

Low season is also a time when a few of the attractions are shut down or limiten. At the Emerald Pool, while the main Pool is open all year round, the smaller Blue Pool is closed, this is due to the annual Hornbill Nesting season. The Pool is usually shut up until October. 

Its also been rumoured that Maya Bay may also be closed to visitors. This is to allow the coral beds on the shore and the local sea life some time to recover. The Phi Phi islands tour though is still great to go on and Maya Bay will be able to be seen from on the boat. As soon as dates of the closure are released, we will up date this information.

Rainy Season though can be a great time to come to Krabi, there are far less tourists during this period, so the Islands and all the attractions are much less crowded. You get to see the islands as they really should be seen. The sea can be a bit rougher though, but if you get the timing just right and visit just after a rain shower when all the footprints have been washed away, its really the most beautiful place.

Mainland beaches are also great at this time of year, Klong Muang Beach is rarely crowded during high season, but during low season, you can find yourself the only one on the beach.

Obviously, it does rain sometimes, and its so unpredictable that its almost impossible not to get caught at some point by a torrential shower. The best thing is to do as the Thais do, find somewhere to shelter and let it pass, showers are not normally very long lasting. Take a cheap plastic raincoat with you, but also, don't forget the suncream, the sun can be really hot after a shower.


The best thing about the rain though is that it keeps Krabi looking as it does. There is green of every shade everywhere from the mountain tops to the coconut palms on the beach, so, even though the rain can be annoying at times, it really is worth it.





2017 - 2018 High Season in Krabi

High season in Krabi is from about the middle of October until the end of March with the peak time being middle of December to middle of January.

During high season, Krabi can get very busy with most of the hotels full and most of the tours and activities booked almost to capacity. Although this does mean that everywhere is busy and on many days the beaches will be relatively crowded, its usual for the weather to be great every day, so, as long as you don't mind sharing the beaches and activities, then its still a great time to come.

Thailand Public Holidays 2017


Date Day Holiday
10 May Wed Visakha Bucha Day
25 Jun Sun End of Ramadan *
9 Jul Sun Khao Phansa Day
10 Jul Mon Khao Phansa Holiday
28 Jul Fri His Majesty the King's Birthday
12 Aug Sat Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday
14 Aug Mon Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday Holiday
13 Oct Fri Passing of His Majesty the Late King
23 Oct Mon Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
26 Oct Thu Royal Cremation of His Majesty the Late King
5 Dec Tue His Majesty the Late King's Birthday
10 Dec Sun Constitution Day
11 Dec Mon Constitution Day Holiday
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day *
31 Dec Sun New Year's Eve

Things to do for Free in Krabi

klong muang beach people

Its easy to have a great time in Krabi without breaking the budget. Krabi's natural beauty makes it a pleasure just to be here.

All the beaches are open to the public, so just cruising the coastline on a moped and finding all the beaches is  fantastic way to spend the time.

Check out our Beaches Information page, or find them on our map.

Things to do on a rainy day in Krabi


Krabi is right in the middle of the monsoon zone so it should come as no surprise that it does get quite a bit of rain. On bad days, boat trips out to the Islands can be cancelled. But there are still lots of things that can be done on a rainy day in Krabi.

ATV and Rafting - for ATV, mud can make it even more fun, and on a white water raft run you're going to get wet anyway.

Kayak - The kayak trips are amazing even with a bit of rain. The wildlife comes out when it rains.

Cooking - take a cooking course and learn a skill that you can take back home.

Shopping - There are a few places  in Krabi Town, Vogue shopping center where they sell branded clothing, Outlet Mall where you can buy discounted brand name sports and clothing, Tesco which has its own mall selling computers, clothes, telephones etc. They are all air conditioned so not a bad place to go on a hot wet afternoon. Tesco does also have a cinema, but most films are in Thai language.

The Thai style is to just simply relax when it rains, take the time as an opportunity to sit and enjoy a coffee and watch the world go by or catch up on a bit of sleep. The rain will stop and the sun will come out, its only a matter of time.




Sporty Things to do in Krabi

There's lots of sports and activities that you can do while on holiday in Krabi. Its famous for rock climbing, kayaking and diving, but there are also some others that you might not have considered. Muay Thai, White water rafting, gokart racing are just a few.

Krabi Islands

Krabi province contains 154 Islands ranging in size from Koh Lanta right down to tiny islands that are just big enough at high tide for one person to stand. Many of the Islands have a steep karst limestone outcrop in the center.

The Phi Phi Islands are the most famous and is home to the most famous beach of all: Maya Bay. 

The Islands often have coral reefs in the shallows which make them great for snorkelling. The Krabi coast is largely covered in mangrove forest providing shelter for Krabi's abundent marine life to replenish. Due to the increase in water temperature caused by the El Nino weather events in the last year, much of the coral is bleached making large sections appear lifeless. They are actually still alive, but the bacteria that normally gives them their vibrant colours dies in the warmer temperatures. This effect is a worldwide phenomenom and a natural cycle, it should recover much of its color over the next few years.



KrabiTrek Services

Providing day tours for visitors to Krabi and Aonang is something we love to do. We are more than willing to answer any questions you might have and we will  do our best to make your time in Krabi as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please just email us and ask. We have a wealth of Information about Krabi and Aonang, but we realise that people go on holidays for many different reasons, the more information you give us about what you are looking for, the better we can help. 

We have special deals on Krabi tours and activities for larger groups of 8 or more people, please contact us for rates.
















Krabi Sightseeing Tours


Many tourists and holiday makers come to Krabi and Aonang and stay their whole time within a few meters of the beach. Krabi has so much more to offer. If you are limited in time, then the best way to get a glimpse of the inland sights of Krabi is to take a full or half day Krabi Sightseeing Tour. 

Our Krabi Sightseeing Tours give you a chance to see the best and most popular attractions in Krabi. You can choose between the Krabi Emerald Pool, the Hot Springs, Krabi Tiger Cave or Wat Tham Suea and even take an elephant ride, all as part of a full or half day tour. 








Krabi Beaches and Islands

Krabi is more than just a beach destination, but it still has some great ones. Check out our Krabi Beaches page for information on all the best beaches in Krabi and Aonang.

Phi Phi Island, Koh Jum, Poda, Koh Hong, Tup Kaek, all are beautiful Krabi Islands and whether you are looking for total solitude or a vibrant beach bar, there's somewhere in Krabi for everyone.

Food and Restaurants in Krabi

saitai khanom jean 2

The world has had a love affair with Thai food for many years now, and Krabi enjoys some of the best of it.

We've recently visited Ruan Mai, the Khanom Jean shop and the Frog and Catfish. All very enjoyable but in very different styles. Another great restuarant is Suan Kluey Mai, a lovely place by a small river, kids can even go for a cooling dip.

Check out our Krabi Restaurants page. Or, why not take a Thai cooking class and learn to make delicious Thai food yourself. Have a look at our Thai cooking courses.

Ao Namao Marine Research

On sunday 28-05-2012 I went with my family to the Marine research park. This is a real research establishment where they collect breed of local fish, breed them and release millions back into the sea.

It's free for entry and although not a spectacular place, it is very interesting and the kids love it. 

Krabi Kayaking Tours


Kayaking is very popular in Krabi, you can choose the mangroves at  Thalane Bay or  Ban bor thor , or you can kayak out at the Islands at Hong Island or Poda. You can also go kayaking on the James Bond Island Tour.

The coastal landscape of Krabi is totally unique with its wealth of wildlife and tropical scenery. A day just paddling a kayak around the mangroves is one of best activities to do in Krabi. 

The Nature at both Thalane Bay and at Bor Thor is completely unspoilt and natural. You'll get to see lots of wildlife: birds, lizards, crabs, and even some monkeys. You never know quite what you will get as it really is never the same twice.

Best conditions at the Thalane Bay and Bor Thor kayaking is a mid tide, check our tide charts to see when would be the best time for your trip. 

Then there is our our kayak and Sunset BBQ tour. Enjoy a leisurely kayak and then enjoy a seafood bbq on a deserted beach. For full details see our Kayak Sunset bbq page.

Krabi for Kids


Coming to Krabi with kids? Krabi is a paradise for kids of all ages. Kayaking, Thai dancing, Muay Thai, Rock Climbing, or just simply a day on the beach. We have kids and know that the best way to give them (and you) a great holiday is to keep them busy.

We have a great selection of activities and tours for kids in Krabi.

update - We've just added the really special, "Elephant Trek with Elephant Bath" trip. We visited this last week and it got the highest rating of "AWESOME!!!" from our kids.



Booking & Cancellation Terms

Please read these notes to discover our booking and cancellation terms. Please read the full text. If you do have any questions, please ask.

The most important detail is that any tour or trip can be cancelled up to 4:00pm the day before a trip. For any cancellation prior to this time, we guarantee full paypal refund of deposit with no charges or fees whatsoever. Any balance that has been paid in cash, we will refund in cash 100%.