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Kayaking is one of the favorite Krabi activities and there are lots of options. 

Options> Kayak at Thalane Bay Kayak at Bor Thor


People come from all over the world to dive in the crystal clear waters around Krabi.

Options 4 Islands group longtail 4 Islands group Speedboat Phi Phi Islands group Speedboat 4 Islands Longtail Charter Hong Islands Longtail Charter

Rock Climbing

Railay Beach has been a mecca to the rock climbing world for decades. The limestone Karts (mountains) make the perfect climbing frame. Kids from as young as 6 can give it a go. Beginners through to advanced climbers can be catered for.

The views from the cliffs are just fantastic.

Rock Climbing at Railay

White Water Rafting

If you have never tried it out, white water rafting is a real buzz. The rapids are graded about 3 to 4.

There are options for 5km, 7km and 9 km with the difficulty getting higher towards the bottom.

Kids as young as 5 can take the 5km option.

Options White Water Rafting


The countryside around Krabi is a real pleasure for walkers. The Tup Kaek Dragon Crest walk has one of the finest views in the province (if not the world!)

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There are literally dozens of Temples in Krabi. Some are incredibly ornate and grand while others are simple local temples. They all make a great visit though.

Options Group tours Private tour to Tiger Cave Temple

A blast through the forests on an ATV is a real thrill. Its even something that can be done on a rainy day in Krabi (the mud just makes it even more fun)

There are options just a few minutes from Aonang, or why not combine it with a blast on a white water raft?

Options ATV Aonang ATV and Rafting

Our Favorite Places

Tiger Cave Temple

8.125258, 98.924909

Tiger Cave Temple - Wat Tham Seur

Climb the 1237 steps and see the view or just stay at ground level and take in the Buddhist culture.

To get there, take one of our sightseeing trips. Sightseeing Tours or take a minivan or car. Private trip to Tiger Cave Temple

Railay West beach

8.011733, 98.837676

Longtail boats depart regularly during the day from Aonang. Price is 100thb per person. After dark, boats leave when they have enough customers, if they do not have enough then you may have to pay a bit extra. For a boat for yourself you can usually negotiate a fee of about 800thb.

Elephant Care Home Sanctuary

8.086311, 98.806419

Hug a trunk!

Get close to elephants in nature, give them a hug and a scrub.

Join the Elephant Care trip, no riding and no chains. Elephant Care Trip

Thara Park

8.052813, 98.918674

Thara Park - Krabi

Thara Park is in the center of Krabi Town, easy to get a songthew from Aonang and a short walk.

Thara Park is a really nice public park. There is a kids play park, an exercise area with bars, walkways and sports facilities. In the evening its a great place to hang out and catch some local life. Takraw and boule are both popular games.

Thalane Bay Kayak Center

8.144449, 98.747417

Thalane Bay Kayak Center

Thalane Bay is an area famous for its mangrove forests and amazing coastline. The kayak center has a small restaurant and resort. Its the starting point for most of the Thalane Bay kayak tours.

Take a kayak trip into the mangroves. Kayakking at Thalane Bay

Phanom Bencha

8.240666, 98.913783

Phanom Bencha National Park

Phanom Bencha National Park. A really nice well kept park with a short walk through the jungle to a 3 tier waterfall. There is an entrance fee for entry to the park.

We can arrange private trips to the park, or you can combine with an elephant sanctuary trip. Elephant Care and Phanom Bencha trip Private trip to Phanom Bencha National Park

Poda Island

7.971533, 98.809488

Poda Island

Poda Island - the largest of the Islands visited in the 4 Island tour. Beautiful long beach perfect sand and clear water.

This Island can be visited by longtail or speedboat in a group or private trip.

4 Island Longtail Trip 4 Island Speedboat Trip Private 4 Island Longtail Trip

Talay Wak

7.959282, 98.809966

The Talay Wak

The Talay Wak is the sandbar that links the smaller Islands is above water at low tide. Amazing color.

Just drift in the shallows and get surrounded with hundreds of small fish. The water is really clear.

4 Island Longtail Trip 4 Island Speedboat Trip Private 4 Island Longtail Trip

Hong Island

8.079207, 98.678330

Hong Island - The Island with a lagoon inside. Gorgeous beach - you can even go kayaking.

Hong Islands Trips Private Hong Islands Longtail Trip

Tup Kaek Beach

8.090187, 98.747308

Tup Kaek Beach

Beautiful quiet beach. A bit rocky but great for walking.

This is the beach where many of the five plus star hotels are located. Its very quiet, there is nothing else in the area so, no passing traffic.

The whole of the beach is open to the public, so just rent a motorbike or car, or take a taxi and enjoy the same beach as the 5 star guests.>/p>

Klong Muang Beach

8.049979, 98.757300

Klong Muang Beach

This is the beach where the Dusit and Beyond resort are located. The beach itself is very long, and curves around the bay. The sand is very soft and its always quiet. High tide is the best time to come, its then a very good place for swimming.

There are some bars and restaurants along the beach to sit back and enjoy a drink with the sunset

To get thee, just rent a moped or take a taxi. Its only ten minutes from Aonang

AoNang Beach

8.042277, 98.810050

AoNang Beach

The section in front of the beach road is open for use by longtail and speedboats. You can swim and sunbathe there, but do be careful for the boats.

You can walk down the beach with the sea on your right for about a kilometer. This area is closed off to traffic so its a nice quiet place to relax. There are lots of bars and massage places lining the beach.

The beach is quite nice for swimming although the water is never as clear as it is at the Islands.

Tup Kaek Nature Trail

8.088016, 98.777733

Tup Kaek Nature Trail

2 hours up to the most amazing view you could see. There is no entrance fee. The walk is reasonably hard but we have been up with two children under 5 a couple of times. It takes about two and a half hours up and two hours down. Approximately 4.5 km.

But wow! the view from the top is really spectacular

Huey Tho Waterfall

8.239254, 98.920252

Huey Tho Waterfall

Huey Tho is a 3 level waterfall with nice cooling pools where you can have a dip. The waterfall is set in the foothills of the Phanom Bencha National Park.

We can arrange private trips to the Park

Private trips to Phanom Bencha National Park

Hot Springs

7.943568, 99.219150

Krabi Hot Springs - One of the wonders of the world. Bath temperature mineral water; soothing and curing.

Its right next to the Krabi Emerald Pool, so most people combine the two into one trip

Getting There

Rent a bike and ride. Its about 45km

Join one of our sightseeing trips, Group and private tours available

Sightseeing Tours Private Sightseeing Tours

Emerald Pool

7.918521, 99.262276

The Emerald Pool also called Crystal Pool - A naturally turquoise blue pool of water. The water is coloured from the rich copper contant. Set in the Jungle.

Getting There

Rent a bike and ride. Its about 45km

Join one of our sightseeing trips, Group and private tours available

Sightseeing Tours Private Sightseeing Tours

Phi Phi Islands


The Phi Phi Islands

The most famous of the Islands in the area. Maya Bay; Bamboo Island; snorkelling and swimming. Great place to visit but gets quite busy at high season.

Maya Bay is actually closed at the moment, but there is plenty more to seeThe Islands have reefs close to the beach so the snorkelling can be really excellent. The water is very clear.

Krabi Morning Market


Krabi Morning Market - Maharat Market

In the center of Krabi Town, its a great place early in the morning for the atmosphere. Fish, vegetables and fruit with a great selection. Also great selection of snacks meals and sweets. he perfect place to get supplies for BBQ

The market is open from about 3:00 am until about 11:00am, 7 days a week.

Krabi Night Market


Krabi Night Market - Open Friday - Saturday and Sunday.

Private Night Market Trip or combined with a trip to the Tiger Cave Private trip to Tiger Cave Temple and Night Market

Railay Beach Rock Climbing


Railay Beach Rock Climbing

Railay is a favorite for climbers from all over the world. Climb the cliffs right from the beach. Suitable for climbers of all levels from beginner to expert.

The views when you get up high are just spectacular. The routes are well used and well maintained. All equipment is provided.

Railay Rock Climbing

Ao Namao Marine Reasearch Farm


Ao Namao Marine Research Farm

Big saltwater pools and tanks with all sea life from Nemos of all colors to sharks and turtles and mantas.

The Farm is a working place and the location does not have many facilities and perhaps is missing a few finishing touches, but is still an interesting place to spend an hour or two and only 10 minutes from Aonang.

Free entry.

Horse Riding at AoNamao Beach


Horse Riding at Ao Namao beach - ride along the edge of the surf.

Horse Riding at Ao Namao Beach

Railay Viewpoint


Railay View Point

A real scramble to the top but great view of Railay Bay from the top. Be prepared to get muddy. Wear sensible footwear.

8.036209, 98.823451

Ao Nang

Aonang has a wide choice of restaurants and bars and the normal selection of shops which mostly sell clothes, beach wear, some jewellry and Thai arts and crafts. There are also quite a few massage shops, motorbike rental places, scuba shops etc.

Prices at restaurants tend to get lower the further you get from the beach.

Tha Pom Mangrove Walk

8.217547, 98.754569

Tha Pom Mangrove Walk

Tha Pom is a National Park area with a wooden walkway that has been condtructed through the mangrove Forest. The area is very beautiful as its a meeting point between the salt water coming in from the sea and the fresh water coming from inland. This creates some great patterns at certain tide times when the two meet and create swirly patterns. The walkway is very nice and shady with places for sitting and dipping feet into the cool fresh water. Its a great place to see the incredible gnarled and twisted mangrove roots.

Vogue Shoping Centre

8.064342, 98.915466

Vogue Shopping Centre

Vogue shopping centre was the original Krabi shopping mall before Tesco and Big C came along. Its now become the place to buy label clothing at reasonable prices.

To get there just take a Song Thaew from Aonang

Chicken Island (Koh Gai)


Chicken Island

Chicken Island or in Thai, Koh Gai, is named surprisingly enough because from a certain angle, it really does look like a chicken.

The Island is the largest of the group of three Islands that make up the Talay Wak, the sandbar that at low tide joins the Isands. This is probably one of the most photographed places in Thailand.

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